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The extensive scaffolding requirements at the main entrance to Rochdale College posed a numbers of access issue.

The objective to ensure safe and continuous access for college students and members of the faculty.

The finished scaffold has created a safe and people freindly rout too the main campus and allows the main contractor a safe platform to work on.

Create a temporary disabled access.

Erect cradle support above entrance.

Link disabled ramp to access the entrance spanning the sunken service road. 

All aspects of the work undertaken allowed the college to operate with minimum disruption during this very busy time.

Working very closely with the main contractor Mitchell's ensured that the time scale was appropriate to both the college and contractor needs.

Extensive beam work spanning the entrance foyer and patioed areas had to be put in place forming a cradle over the entrance before work could begin cutting away the existing handrail.

The spanning of the service road required the use heavy duty steel ladder beam, additional handrails, the structure to be boarded out prior to the addition of Ply wood, removing any potential trip hazard and finaly a none slip cover is to be added for pedestrians. 

Once complete the link had to be made from the temporary wheelchair / disabled ramp.  

The linking of all 3 aspects called for accurate workmanship with no tollerance for any deviation to the design.

The overall covering required smooth precession joints from the scaffold boards to allow plywood facing to be laid prior to the anti slip top covering being laid.

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