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Mitchell's Scaffolding Projects: Bespoke Temporary Bridge

The recent heavy rain has necessitated the strengthening and/or repair of many structures, including bridges over flooded rivers and streams. Mitchell's Scaffolding Ltd are experts at providing bespoke structures designed to facilitate such work, as evidenced by the successful completion of a project at Pownall Bridge in Cheshire.

Pownall Bridge is built from stone which has weathered the years extremely well. When repairs to ensure that the bridge was still sound were proposed, Mitchell's Scaffolding Ltd were approached to design and build a temporary bridge across the stream below. This temporary structure had to strongly support the weight of pedestrians, as well as that of people riding horses.

Good access to the site allowed our operatives to park their vehicles much closer than originally anticipated, saving them a lot of heavy work manually carrying components over a long distance. Gravel tracks were laid down to direct pedestrians to the temporary bridge crossing.

Railway sleepers were used at the foundations, ensuring the strongest possible base from which to work. At each elevation over the stream, twin beams were installed. To allow a smooth transition between the gravel walkway and the level of the bridge, one end of the platform was installed at a slight angle.

As the temporary bridge approached completion, our operatives carefully installed guards and handrails to ensure safety. To further enhance safety levels and prevent any injuries to pedestrians or horses crossing the bridge, all of the fittings were securely covered with protective caps.

Creating such bespoke structures is the Mitchell's Scaffolding Ltd speciality. All of our operatives are trained to the highest level and fully certified, ensuring that safe, successful and professional results are achieved every time. Find out more about our work on the website.


Scaffolding Enhances Lancashire's Local Authority Renewal Program

The Local Authority Renewal Program was created to improve the quality of Lancashire's existing housing stock. Mitchell's Scaffolding Ltd were awarded a rolling contract to supply scaffolding structures to the crucial project, which sees up to ten properties at a time being renovated to bring them up to exacting modern standards.

A large number of properties in the Huncoat and Great Harwood areas were selected for renovation as part of the Local Authority Renewal Program. focusing on the repair and replacement of chimneys as well as extensive removal and render work. Mitchell's Scaffolding Ltd designed and installed scaffolding structures to give contractors safe, unrestricted roofline access to the properties, which ranged from bungalows to homes up to four storeys in height.

A significant proportion of the properties incorporated gables: these properties required the installation of working lifts. The safety levels of the scaffolds installed at non-rendered structures was enhanced with the addition of a double handrail edge. To protect people passing below from potential falling debris, double-roe boards and gantries were included as part of our bespoke scaffold designs.

As the work to each property is completed, our operatives dismantle the scaffolding before re-erecting it at the next property scheduled for renovation. The Local Authority Renewal Program is ongoing and Mitchell's Scaffolding Ltd are proud to continue supplying the necessary scaffolding infrastructure.

Find out more about our work in the 'Portfolio' section of our website.


Bespoke Suspended Scaffolding Improves Workplace Safety

Health & Safety in the workplace is of paramount importance. One of the biggest dangers in any workplace is that posed by the risk of fire: one of the first lines of defence against a blaze is a sprinkler system. When one such system was proposed at a food production factory, Mitchell's Scaffolding Ltd was called upon to design and implement a suspended scaffolding structure.

Based in Scunthorpe, the premises of Two Sisters Food Group comprises a large central warehouse as well as areas dedicated to maintenance and administration. Though part of an extensive refurbishment project, the new sprinkler system was the most major aspect and the work was scheduled to be carried out in two distinct phases.

Operatives from Mitchell's Scaffolding Ltd decided that the massive scale of the project, along with the way in which the scaffolding structure was to be positioned, meant that aluminium tubing was the best option. The first phase involved erecting scaffold around a doorway used by forklift trucks, ensuring that complete operational access was maintained.

An opening was specifically created to allow our operatives to freely move scaffolding kit into the roof space; all of the scaffolding tubing was lifted manually. Before assembly could begin, the equipment first had to be transferred to the required area, involving a considerable distance which was the equivalent to the length of three football pitches. Additional walkways were provided as necessary. After the sprinkler system was installed, all of the scaffolding was quickly dismantled and removed.

Find out more about our work on our website and get in touch with us to discuss your bespoke scaffolding requirements.


Bespoke Scaffolding: Let the Sun Shine!

Looking after the environment is of obvious importance. Awareness of environmental issues continues to rise, leading to more and more people changing their lifestyles to minimise their impact on the planet's dwindling resources. One of the ways in which this can be achieved is by relying less on fossil fuels and other non-sustainable energy sources to provide electricity: installing solar panels is one of the quickest and most effective methods to achieve this.

Mitchell's Scaffolding Ltd were contracted to design and build scaffolding to enable solar panels to be installed on the roof of a privately-owned house. As with every scaffolding structure that we provide, it was essential that our expert team took all requirements carefully into consideration, ensuring the design and erection of a suitable, safe scaffold.

The first consideration was access: the homeowner was to remain in the property throughout the installation of the solar panels and so a secure access gate was included in our design. We also had to take into account the weather which is, as anyone who lives in the UK will well know, unpredictable at best.

Another important consideration related to the solar panels themselves: though large, heavy and cumbersome, the panels incorporate extremely delicate components and so lifting them up to the working platform at the roof level of the central area of the property had to be carefully managed. Our expert technical team incorporated what is known as a 'gin wheel' into the design to meet this crucial need.

This project was decidedly short-term, with the scaffold requiring dismantling within just seven days of installation checks. The dismantling date was therefore schedule as soon as the booking date was confirmed, ensuring that the property owner and neighbouring property owners were inconvenienced as little as possible.

Discover more of our work in the 'Portfolio' section of our website.


Bespoke Scaffolding at Rochdale College

The UK has a long and admirable history of education, with universities and colleges all over the country. Many of these establishments are housed in ageing buildings, which need to be regularly renovated to ensure a continued safe environment for students and staff to learn and work in. Mitchell's Scaffolding Ltd have provided the scaffolding structures necessary to complete such renovation work: a recent project saw our team head to Rochdale College to install a large bespoke scaffold design.

The building and renovation work took place over a number of weeks, with the college remaining open as usual throughout this time; this meant that several access issues has to be taken into consideration. As well as providing a stable, durable platform for building contractors to carry out their work from, our team also had to create a safe and accessible route for students and staff heading to the main campus.

A temporary route to the college's main entrance was designed and installed. The structure was based on heavy-duty steel ladder beams, boarded out with timber via smooth precession joints from the boards of the scaffold. This element of the design plan prevented there being tripping hazards and safety levels were further improved with the addition of handrails and a non-slip surface cover.

Cradle support was erected over the entrance, which allowed the building work to begin. One of the major aspects included extensive work to the beams of the structure which, when completed, would ensure the structural integrity of the building. Ensuring that all of the design elements were successfully linked together required extremely accurate workmanship, with absolutely no deviation from the carefully worked-out bespoke design.

To find out more about our scaffolding work, check out our portfolioGet in touch with our team to discuss your project's unique requirements and let the Mitchell's magic begin!


Bespoke Scaffolding Solutions: Wesham Hospital & St Mary's College

At Mitchell's Scaffolding Ltd, we offer a comprehensive suite of scaffolding services. The diversity of our services means that our work entails an equally diverse array of projects:  here we look at two very different but equally essential projects that we have completed.

DSCN0537St Marys Pase 2 Finished(5)web

Wesham Hospital, Kirkham 

The facade of the Wesham Hospital Building was suffering from movement issues, which had gradually become worse over a period of several years. To remedy the situation, contractors proposed a remedial shoring-up project that would prevent any further movement and reinstate the building's structural integrity. Scaffolding was therefore required to allow contractors safe access to carry out the work.

Mitchell's Scaffolding Ltd was tasked with designing and erecting a substantial scaffolding solution, which was required to be in place for a period of over 12 months. This was duly completed and made safe from unauthorised access with robust fencing; weekly inspections ensured that everything was kept in order while the shoring-up work was completed.


St Mary's College, Blackburn

Located in a residential area, St Mary's College required extensive repointing work to its facade and chimney stack. To meet contractor requirements, our expert scaffolding team constructed scaffold structures in three phases: hoardings and debris netting were also erected to ensure the contractors could work in complete safety without posing any risks to themselves or passersby. Continual removal and reattachment of fixings was not an issue thanks to the gated entry point that was incorporated into our bespoke scaffold design.

College, necessitating scaffolding which was constructed in three phases. The college is located in a residential area and so hoarding to the full base on both elevations was quickly put in place, along with effective debris netting. A gated entry point offers secure access, negating the need for constant removal and reattachment of the fixings.


Wherever the building and whatever the project, Mitchell's Scaffolding Ltd have got the right solution. Browse our portfolio to see more examples of the diverse work we do and get in touch with our team for information and advice.


Unique Scaffolding Solutions: Aqueduct 35

Though much of our work focuses on providing scaffolding and related services to buildings in which people work and reside, Mitchell's Scaffolding Ltd are able to deliver these services to more unusual projects. One of these projects was Aqueduct 35, located close to our headquarters in Colne, Lancashire.

Manual handling requirements were to be kept to a minimum and so Mitchell's hired a purpose-designed quad and trailer to transport equipment directly to the site. As safety is always our number one priority and this project necessitated the use of specialist clothing and accessories, these were purchased by Mitchell's to ensure our operatives could work safely and effectively.

Our experts designed, planned and erected three separate drop scaffolds to allow contractor access: these were installed at key points along the length of the aqueduct. Each structure provided access to relevant parts of the aqueduct, particularly the mains gas pipe and a partially eroded concrete plinth.

A key requirement of the project, which was overseen by representatives of the National Grid, was to prevent any pressure being placed on the aqueduct. To ensure this requirement was met, Mitchell's operatives carefully designed a system that incorporated a specific number of kentledges (a system of weights that is used to load-test piled foundations), thereby allowing the scaffold structures to be built directly on to the tow path adjacent to the aqueduct.

Check out the 'Portfolio' section of our website to find out more about the diverse scope of work carried out by Mitchell's Scaffolding Ltd.


Scaffolding Services: Fast, Precise and Disruption-Free

Our work spans the domestic, commercial and industrial sectors, both private and public, facilitating a diverse range of construction and repair projects. Often, the projects we work on need to be completed in a tight time frame while still adhering fully to all safety regulations: here we look at two past projects that were completed successfully in a limited amount of time, preventing major disruption.

Burnley Water Treatment Plant

The crucial water treatment plant required repairs to the flue and pipe works as well as a low-level flat roof. Pre-planning sessions, at which every eventuality was considered, allowed our team to design a suitable scaffold structure that would entail minimal disruption and allow the work to be completed in as short a time as possible. This pre-planning is always vital and ensures that everything from parking induction to scaffold erection can happen smoothly and without incident.

As well as scaffolding, we also erected a gated tower to provide easier access. A double-sided walkway was installed across the structure and the adjacent building's perimeter, with secure handrails added to improve safety.


Blackburn Train Station

Essential building work in and around the foyer of Blackburn's busy train station necessitated the design and installation of scaffolding. A huge crash deck, sheeted and plyboarded, was designed to ensure complete isolation from the area below, preventing the fall of debris that could cause injury to other contractors passing beneath. Minimal disruption was ensured by only carrying out scaffolding work between 11pm and 5am, when the station is not open to the public.

This diverse pair of projects highlights the versatility of scaffolding provided by Mitchell's. Discover more of our work on the website and get in touch with us to discuss your bespoke scaffolding requirements.


Roof Repairs Facilitated by Mitchell's Scaffolding

access towerHeavy rain and strong winds (two elements that make up a classic British summer!) have caused damage to structures all over the UK. As the first line of defence for any structure, roofs have been particularly affected by the bad weather and this means that there is lots of repair work to be done. Mitchell's Scaffolding Ltd deliver a suite of services designed to assist roofing contractors in this crucial work.

Scaffold Supply, Hire and Erection

We own an unmatched collection of scaffolding components, including fittings, tubes and boards. These allow us to design and build scaffolds of any size and specification, giving contractors safe, secure and easy access to damaged roofs. In addition to scaffold structures, we can also provide any required ancillary, such as nets, props, gates, chutes and ladders. As safety is so important, we use method statements, risk assessments, handover certificates and scafftags, as well as insisting that all of our operatives carry valid CISRS/CSCS cards.

Temporary Roofs

The rain and wind that caused the damage in the first place can continue to be a problem, causing delays and downtime that in turn cause hassle and financial costs. Temporary roofing structures provided by Mitchell's Scaffolding Ltd are designed to allow repair work to continue rain or shine and we can create these structures to suit any project.


Alloy Access Towers

Delivering flexible mobility, our alloy access towers are suitable for use in all sorts of structural applications, whether construction, renovation or maintenance. Mounted on tough, high quality castor wheels, these towers can be erected in a matter of minutes.


These are just some of the professional scaffolding services and equipment available at Mitchell's. Browse our website to discover more.


Scaffolding Vacancies: Join our Expanding Team

Since the company was launched, Mitchell's Scaffolding Ltd has continued to grow and develop, becoming one of the leading scaffolding contractors in the northwest. Our evolution continues unabated as we regularly expand the range and scope of our services: this continuing expansion means that we have several job vacancies now available.

Our impressive reputation for quality, safety, cost-effectiveness, versatility and reliability has been as carefully built as our scaffolding structures themselves. Whether a project is in the domestic, commercial or industrial sector, we use our knowledge and experience to make sure it is as successful as it can be. We now own and operate a fleet of eight modern vehicles, including the most recent addition of a massive 21.5-ton wagon.

Safety is always our number-one priority. Every process and procedure we use meets and exceeds the standards required for CHAS, SAFE Contractor Constuctionline and carries the latest Acclaim accreditation. We ensure total complicity with all British Standard Regulations, Construction Regulations and the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974. Though it is not a legal requirement, we insist that all of our scaffolders are CISRS Certified, CITB trained and hold a current CSCS card.

We are looking for focused, dedicated individuals to join our team. If you are an experienced Part 2 or Advanced Scaffolder or Driver, we invite you to apply to work with us on new and ongoing contracts in the local area. All applicants must hold a valid, current CSCS or CISRS card: a wagon license is an advantage but is not essential.

For more information on these vacancies, get in touch with Stuart or Debbie on 07981 031 537.


Housing Repairs: Our Bespoke Scaffolding Solutions

As the UK population grows, the need for affordable, quality housing stock increases. To meet this need in Lancashire, the Local Authority Renewal Program was established: Mitchell's Scaffolding Ltd were proud to design and install bespoke scaffold solutions which facilitated essential renovation work to properties included in the program, located in Great Harwood and Huncoat.

Operations centred on the repair and replacement of chimneys to many properties, as well as a significant amount of render and removal work. As a highly-renowned local scaffolding supplier with plenty of practical experience, Mitchell's Scaffolding Ltd was awarded a rolling contract to supply scaffolds to the large-scale, ongoing project. Around ten properties at a time had scaffold erected round them and, as the repairs to each property were completed, the scaffolds were removed to be re-erected at the next property on the list.

The properties are extremely varied in style and range from bungalows up to structures four storeys in height; our scaffolds facilitated total access to the roofline of each property. Many of the rendered structures has gables and these required working lifts to be installed. Scaffolds on the non-rendered properties were installed with a double handrail edge to ensure that workers could not fall. Debris protection was ensured with gantry installation and double toe boards.

Find out more about our past successes in the 'Portfolio' section of our website.


Scaffolding Safety: CSCS/CISRS Cards

Working in the construction industry obviously entails many inherent safety risks and reducing these is our number-one priority here at Mitchell's Scaffolding Ltd. Part of this commitment to safety is our insistence that each and every one of our operatives holds a valid, up to date CSCS (Construction Skills Certificate Scheme) or CISRS (Construction Industry Scaffolders Record Scheme) card.

Astoundingly, scaffolding operatives' possession of such a card is currently NOT a legal requirement here in the UK but it IS a requirement of working for Mitchell's Scaffolding Ltd. This allows us to be 100% certain that our operatives are completely competent in carrying out their work.

The CISRS is 'the preferred scaffolding qualification of all the major organisations including CSCS, NASC, HSE, Build UK, UNITE and the largest scaffold systems manufacturers'. For more than four decades, the organisation has been the industry leader when it comes to scaffold training and there are currently around 60,000 CISRS cardholders in the UK, with many more registered holders livingrand/or working abroad.

The CSCS is responsible for delivering training and certified qualifications right across the spectrum of the construction industry. After rigorous training and examination, trainees are issued with an official CSCS card, proving that they have displayed the competency required to undertake relevant working procedures safely and effectively.

Mitchell's Scaffolding Ltd are always on the lookout for new additions to our team and currently have vacancies for Scaffold Laborers, Advanced Scaffolders and Drivers. For more information about joining our skilled team, check out the careers page of our website and, if you think you have what it takes (as well as a calid CSCS/CISRS card!), then get in touch with us today.


Scaffolding Services: Up on the Roof...

A roof is the first line of defence for any structure large or small, protecting the interior and its inhabitants from the elements. It's therefore crucial that roofs are kept in good repair and so there is always plenty of roof work taking place throughout the year. Mitchell's Scaffolding provides a comprehensive suite of services designed to facilitate the work of roofing contractors. These services include:

Scaffold Supply, Hire and Erection

Mitchell's Scaffolding owns a huge collection of scaffolding components, including tubes, boards and fittings, that allow us to design and build scaffolding structures of any size, shape and specification. In addition to the scaffolding itself, we can also provide netting, propping, safety gates, ladders, rubbish chutes and more. Safety is our number one priority and so we use scafftags, risk assessments, method statements and handover certificates, in addition to only employing operatives with CISRS/CSCS accreditation.

Temporary Roofs

Projects involving roof repair are particularly vulnerable to the weather and rain can cause big delays, with correspondingly big financial costs. Temporary roofing structures allow work to continue unhindered, preventing such delays and costs. As with our scaffolding, we can create temporary roofs to suit any size, shape and type of structure.

Alloy Access Towers

For the ultimate in onsite mobility, flexibility and access safety, alloy access towers from Mitchell's Scaffolding are suited to a wide range of applications from roof construction to maintenance, repair and simple decoration. The towers are mounted on robust, high-quality castor wheels and can be erected in minutes.

These are just some of the professional scaffolding services and equipment available at Mitchell's. Browse our website to discover more.


Scaffolding Solutions: Local to Lancashire

Though our work here at Mitchell's Scaffolding Ltd takes us all over the UK, many of the projects we create scaffolding and other access structures for take place in and around our local area of Lancashire. One such scaffold was designed, installed and finally removed by our team in order to provide access for essential roof repairs to an HSBC bank building in Accrington.

The building that currently houses the HSBC branch is located on Blackburn Road, which is an extremely busy thoroughfare close to Accrington town centre and this location meant that public access would be required at all times throughout the repair project.  The appropriate scaffolding permits were duly arranged with the local authority for a duration of 3 weeks, with the option to extend this time in the event of unforeseen circumstances.

To ensure complete safety, our scaffolding wagons were parked well within working barriers, with footpath access being diverted while the scaffolding was erected. Once the scaffold structure was completed, the footpath was reopened with clear walkways running below the platforms for pedestrian access.

At the rear elevation of the property, a very narrow alleyway (which was further narrowed with the erection of the scaffold structure) meant that our team had to use all of their extensive experience and knowledge to design and build a structure that would allow easy access for contractors.

Discover more about this unique scaffolding project and others we have completed in the 'Portfolio' section of our website. For other news, updates and features, subscribe to our regular newsletter.


Scaffolding Solutions: Fighting the Floods

After days of baking in the sun, much of the UK was subject to torrential rain accompanied by lots of dramatic thunder and lightning. Many properties were affected by flooding due to the downpour, a problem that affects all sorts of structures around the country. Strong defenses are crucial in minimising or even preventing floods and Mitchell's Scaffolding Ltd have provided bespoke scaffolding solutions to a number of flood defense projects.

One such project took place at Follyclough Brook in Rossendale. The brook runs behind a row of privately-owned houses and, when there has been an excess of rain, poses a potential flood risk from increased run-off. A previously-installed protective wall had become damaged over time and was condemned to demolition, to be rebuilt along a 70m stretch of the waterway.

The demolition and subsequent rebuild of the wall required a bespoke scaffold design to allow contractors clear, safe access to the site. After delays due to bad weather, our scaffolding design was built and work began, with an estimated finish date a month later. A watchful eye was kept on the weather, with operatives from Mitchell's Scaffolding standing by to meet any challenge.

After successful completion of the new flood defence wall, we removed our scaffolding structure, leaving the area clean, clear and tidy. The rebuilt wall ensures that Follyclough Brook does not pose a flooding risk and Mitchell's Scaffolding were proud to have taken part in such an important project.

Find out more about our bespoke scaffolding work on our website.


Access Equipment: Our Professional Suite of Services

Over many years of successful operation, Mitchell's Scaffolding Ltd has grown to become one of the leading providers of scaffolding and related structures in our native Lancashire and beyond. We own and maintain a comprehensive range of access equipment which, along with the services of our cherry-picked, highly-trained and -competent team, is available to hire at the most competitive market price.

Our access equipment includes:

  • A complete inventory of the materials used to make strong, safe scaffolding structures to bespoke requirements. All of the components we use, such as tubes, boards and fittings, are of proven professional quality
  • Temporary roofing systems designed to offer protection to all types of structures and sites, allowing work to continue no matter what the weather is
  • Staircase scaffolds to allow contractors to easily and safely access structures they are working on
  • Safety equipment to protect both contractors and the public. Each project is unique and so equipment varies but includes safety/debris netting, brickguards, edge protection and security gates and fences
  • Sundry items of equipment such as gin wheels, hop ups and rubbish chutes
  • Temporary bridges ad walkways for contractors and the public

We take each project we are presented with on an individual basis and, after site visits and liaison with contractors, we create a unique, bespoke scaffold design. This is then professionally and quickly installed and, after the project is completed, our team carefully dismantle the scaffold, temporary bridge or roof and leave the area impeccably clean, tidy and safe.

Our work is extremely diverse and we have created scaffolding and other access and protective structures everywhere from schools to hospitals, from churches to libraries and from train stations to private buildings. You can find out more about this work on our website: just head to the dedicated 'Portfolio' section.

For a free, no-obligation quote or any other information, contact our team today.


Safety First: Scaffolding for Sprinkler System

Health & safety in the workplace involves many different aspects, one of which is protection from fire. A sprinkler system is often the first line of defence: one such system was recently installed at a food production facility in Scunthorpe and Mitchell's Scaffolding Ltd were called in to provide a suspended scaffolding structure to facilitate its installation.

The proposed positioning of the scaffolding, which was planned on a large scale, meant that the best option was aluminium tubing. The first phase involved scaffold and loading being erected around a forklift doorway; this had to be installed in such a way as to permit full operational access throughout. A purpose-created opening allowed scaffolding kit to pass into the roof space of the building and all of the tubing was lifted carefully by hand.

Operatives transferred necessary equipment into the area over a distance equivalent to three football pitches before assembly could begin. Towards the end of operations, smaller areas (including the boiler room) required extra walkways, which our operatives were quickly able to provide.

Once all of the work was completed and the sprinkler system properly installed, our team quickly and efficiently dismantled all of the scaffolding components, ensuring that the premises were left in a clean, secure state.

This is just one of the many successfully completed projects by Mitchell's Scaffolding Ltd. Many of our projects have been collated for your convenience onto a dedicated 'portfolio' page, which you can check out right here on our website.  Get in touch with us to discuss your bespoke scaffolding requirements.


Bespoke Scaffolding for New Build Housing

Many of the scaffolding solutions designed, built and finally removed by Mitchell's Scaffolding Ltd facilitate new-build housing projects. One of these installations, at a brand new social housing project in Chorley, was particularly complex and presented our team with several challenges.

The project involved building six new semi-detached houses, each of which was to be constructed using timber frames. This method of construction meant that, unlike traditional new builds to which scaffolding is erected in phases to accommodate the work of bricklayers, the bespoke scaffold had to be erected in just one phase.

Pre-start meetings are always arranged to ensure that no detail is overlooked before construction of the scaffold begins. One of the key points raised at the pre-start meeting for this project was the close proximity of the intended site to railway lines and the need to avoid rail services being disrupted. To prevent any boundaries being crossed, additional fencing and brick guards were agreed on.

Staircases were included in the scaffold design to allow easy, safe access. In addition to these, small link bridges were constructed to allow workers to move easily and safely between plots. To allow party walls to be completed, loading bays and internal scaffolds were set up.

Find out more about projects facilitated by Mitchell's Scaffolding in the 'Portfolio' section of our website.


Temporary Stairs: Improving Safety and Efficiency

Temporary Stairs: Improving Safety and EfficiencyPart of our comprehensive suite of scaffolding services involves the supply of temporary staircases and stair towers. These structures offer several benefits, from improving safety to enhancing productivity.

Temporary stair towers are in increasing demand, providing as they do a swift, safe and cost-effective method of access in a versatile range of working situations. Perhaps the biggest benefit is the improvement of safety, negating the need for site personnel to use ladders in the early stages of a construction project. Our temporary staircases are provided complete with sturdy handrails, further enhancing safety levels.

We use the toughest, highest-quality to manufacture our temporary stair solutions. This robustness means that they are safe and efficient to use whatever the weather and working conditions. Suited to both short- and long-duration works, temporary stair towers from Mitchell's Scaffolding Ltd are guaranteed to deliver 100% satisfaction wherever they are used.

Simply and quickly erected, temporary stair towers from Mitchell's eliminate the need for costly downtime and we can tailor each staircase to meet exact requirements. We employ only dedicated, knowledgeable, trained and certified installers on our staff so that our clients can rest assured that they are receiving superlative service from start to finish.

Find out more about our temporary staircases and stair towers on the website. To discuss bespoke requirements, simply contact a member of our skilled customer service team.


Temporary Roofs: Containment and Protection

The one variable that can't be controlled when it comes to construction work is the weather. No matter what the season, weather cannot be relied upon and can have serious effects on productivity. The best way to solve the issue is with the erection of a temporary roof: designing and installing such structures is one of our specialities here at Mitchell's Scaffolding.

Now that the winter is over, the main threat from the weather is rain; this has been evidenced by several named storms recently battering the country. Such heavy rain can prevent work from continuing at many building sites, hindering target times, reducing productivity and causing costly standing time. A temporary roof instantly negates these issues.

It doesn't matter how big or small a structure is or where it's located: Mitchell's Scaffolding can deliver an effective temporary roof solution. We use the most modern tools, materials and techniques to ensure that the perfect solution is delivered, providing containment and protection to bespoke requirements. Whether pitched, polygonal or any other shape, the roof we design and deliver will be of the most professional quality.

As with all of the projects we work on, health and safety is the number one priority when it comes to installing temporary roofs. Every one of our operatives is fully-trained to the highest levels and carries an up-to-date CSCS card for your peace of mind. For more information about how a temporary roof could let YOUR project continue through any weather, get in touch with our team today.


Temporary Scaffolding: Here Today, Gone Tomorrow!

At Mitchell's Scaffolding, our diverse scope of work sees our operatives travel all over the country but we're never happier than when we're working right here in Lancashire. From libraries to aqueducts and everything in between, our work has seen us improve the quality of our area for residents and visitors alike. One such project was at the Yorkshire Bank in Burnley and here are some details of the successful results we achieved.

Located on the corner of Burnley's Manchester Road, the Yorkshire Bank building is in the heart of the busy town centre. To improve the aesthetic of the structure, window replacement and  decoration was planned at the upper level and this work required the installation of scaffolding to be completed.

With just a single day allotted to the project to allow the bank to offer uninterrupted customer service, time was most certainly of the essence and we had to work quickly to meet targets. Our superb breadth of experience and innate flexibility meant that we could easily accommodate the tight time schedule without compromising safety or efficiency.

The unique positioning of the building meant that a licence and scaffold permit had to be quickly obtained through Lancashire Highways. While these were obtained, our skilled operatives got to work on designing the bespoke scaffolding structure, which included three fully-boarded lifts at the base. These lifts allowed for quick, easy and unobstructed access to the upper level of the structure, where window replacement and decoration was to take place.

Many safeguarding features were included in the design, including nets to catch any escaping debris that could injure passers-by. Ladder access was provided at each level along with ladder traps; the whole structure was tied firmly to the building to ensure stability.

Find out more about our past projects in the 'Portfolio' section of our website and get in touch with our skilled technical team for further information on our scaffolding services.


Large Scale Scaffolding Solutions: Wesham Hospital

Many of the scaffolds we design and install are truly temporary, sometimes remaining in place for only one or two days while works are carried out. On occasion, a scaffolding solution may have to be in place for a good deal longer: this was the case at Wesham Hospital near Blackpool, where the scaffold we supplied remained in place for a full 12 months.

The facade of Wesham Hospital building had had movement issues over a course of several years. This movement began to pose a safety issue and so the external elements of the building had to be shored up, necessitating a large-scale remedial project which in turn required an equally large-scale scaffolding design.

Installing the scaffolding correctly threw up a number of challenges, one of which involved deviating from the original design to allow the scaffold to have acceptable clearance on the higher portion of the plinth that runs around the building. The buttress standard is subject to compressive loadings; standards requiring lapped joints are the standard forming the independent. After liaising closely with the contractors, we added further check fittings which were photographed for the contractor's approval.

After the scaffold was built, all excess equipment was quickly and safely removed by Mitchell's. Fencing was then re-erected to prevent any unauthorised access. As the structure was required to stay in place for such an extended period, Mitchell's provided weekly inspections to check that everything remained completely safe throughout.

Find out more about our bespoke scaffolding solutions on our website.


Scaffolding Solutions for a Greener World

Caring for the environment is incredibly important and, as awareness of the many issues related to environmental protection is raised, more and more people are adapting their lifestyles accordingly. One way of improving the green credentials of a property is by installing solar panels, helping to reduce usage of energy from non-sustainable sources.

Mitchell's Scaffolding Ltd were recently contracted to provide a scaffold solution to a private house, onto which solar panels were to be installed. As with every scaffold we create, it was essential to take all requirements into consideration.

The weather is always a consideration but was of particular importance to this project, necessitating the use of extra caution to our working methods. Also essential to a successful result was allowing the homeowner full and unrestricted access to the property while the scaffold remained in place.

The panels were to be installed to the central areas of the roof of the property. As part of our remit, the scaffold solution we provided had an access gate along with gin wheel: the latter was used to lift the heavy yet delicate solar panels up to the working platform.

This was a short-term project, with the scaffold being dismantled within seven days of installation checks. We scheduled the dismantling date as soon as the booking date was confirmed, ensuring the least possible inconvenience to both the resident and neighbouring properties.

Discover more of our work in the 'Portfolio' section of our website.


Bespoke Scaffolding Design: Rochdale College

The scaffolding solutions designed and delivered by Mitchell's allow crucial work to be carried out on a variety of buildings, many of which are essential parts of our country's infrastructure. One such building is Rochdale College, which recently required an extensive, bespoke scaffolding design.

As the college was to remain open and fully-functional during the building work, a number of access issues had to be addressed. Safe and continuous access was required by students and faculty staff and so, as well as providing a platform for contractors to work from, we had to ensure that a people-friendly route to the main campus was provided.

A temporary disabled access route was installed and this ramp was linked to the main entrance, after spanning a sunken service road. This element of the plan required the use of heavy-duty steel ladder beam, with the addition of handrails for safety. The structure was fully boarded out before plywood was added via smooth precession joints from the scaffold boards, negating any tripping hazard. Safety was further improved with the addition of a non-slip cover for pedestrians.

The entrance foyer of the college required extensive beam work and so cradle support was erected above the entrance. This allowed work to begin on cutting away the existing handrail.

Linking all of the various aspects together successfully required the most accurate workmanship with zero tolerance for deviation to the bespoke design. The college continued to operate as normal without impediment and the timescale was made appropriate to the needs of both college and contractor.

To find out more about our scaffolding work, check out our portfolio. Want to be our next success story? Get in touch with our team!


Bespoke Scaffolding Solutions: Pownall Bridge

The diverse array of projects we provide scaffolding for present to us an equally  diverse array of challenges for our expert team to overcome. One such challenge was at Pownall Bridge in Cheshire, where we had to create a temporary bridge across a stream to allow for repairs to be undertaken on the original permanent stone-built bridge.

As well as supporting the weight of pedestrians, the temporary bridge would be used by passengers on horseback and so our design had to take this into account. Fortunately, there was good access to the site, allowing our vehicles to park much closer than was originally anticipated. Travellers were diverted to the temporary crossing using gravel tracks.

To ensure a strong base, railway sleepers were installed at the foundations of the new bridge, while twin beams were used at each elevation over the water of the stream. One end of the platform was installed at a slight angle, allowing for a smooth transition between bridge level and gravel walkway.

As the bridge neared completion, guards and handrails were put firmly into place. All of the fittings that were used on the walkway were then covered with protective caps, preventing any injuries to people or animals crossing the temporary bridge.

Mitchell's Scaffolding Ltd specialise in creating such bespoke scaffolding structures. Our expert designers and scaffolders are fully-trained and certified, ensuring they deliver consistently safe and successful results.

Find out more about our work on the website and get in touch to discuss YOUR bespoke scaffolding requirements.


Blackburn Central Library — Back to the Future

Progress sometimes involves looking back into the past and that was certainly the case with Blackburn Central Library, which was treated to a £2million facelift to restore it to its original glory. Mitchell's designed and installed a bespoke scaffolding solution to facilitate the 'Back to the Future' project.

For 40 years, the building was home to the Co-Op Emporium, a department store that opened with the merger of four other Co-Op stores back in 1930. When the library took over the premises in 1970, an ill-advised project saw the facade of the building covered with ugly concrete cladding.

As well as being aesthetically unattractive, the concrete cladding eroded over the years. This damage became so bad that there was a clear risk of lumps of masonry falling into the street below, prompting council bosses to authorise its removal. Mitchell's were contracted to provide a scaffolding solution, which was designed to bespoke specifications.

Damian Talbot, who is in charge of leisure for Blackburn with Darwen council, said that he was 'delighted' with the removal of the concrete cladding that has allowed the original beauty of the building to shine through once again. He said, “The scaffolding that has been on the central library for around 12 months is almost completely removed, and the majority of the stonework has been restored. This was a vital piece of investment, and what it did was give us an opportunity to restore the building to its original glory. The library is very important in the town, very well used and one of the busiest libraries in the north west, and it is a landmark building in Blackburn centre.

Work on the outside of the building coincided with a transformation inside, in which a brand-new online information hub was created to improve facilities for residents of the local area. All of the work is now complete and the scaffolding fully removed.

To find out more about previous projects that Mitchell's have provided scaffolding to, check out our portfolio online.


Scaffolding Services in the Residential Sector

Our work takes us all over the country but two recent projects took place just a stone's throw away from our headquarters in Accrington. One project involved renovation work to almost 40 social housing properties while the other focused on new build properties. Both projects were located in the Oswaldtwistle area and Mitchell's successfully designed, installed and finally removed bespoke scaffolding to facilitate the crucial works.

The project involved 39 social housing properties, each of which required new roofs along with pointing and render works. As the properties remained occupied during the works, the most important part of our brief was to ensure full protection to residents who could be potentially injured by falling debris or other objects. This complete protection was achieved with the use of double toe boards erected with each scaffold.

To carry out the dual role of disposing waste from old roof coverings and delivering new slates to the roof, 2- and 3-lift gantries were installed, along with an additional scaffold gate which allows bumper hoists to be installed.

The second project in Oswaldtwistle involved facilitating new builds, many of which were sold off-plan and all of which feature different design techniques. We provided a daily presence on-site to make sure that numerous adaptations could be undertaken on an ad hoc basis, preventing any downtime.

Designed loading bays were erected for each individual property; larger properties warranted two loading bays. The scaffolding works were phased to meet the changing needs of the roofers and bricklayers, with installation for the pikes included.

Both projects are now complete. For more information on the varied scaffolding services we provide, check out or website or get in touch with our team.


Scaffolding Solution for Flood Protection

Flooding affects properties all over the UK each year and many millions of pounds are spent in defense against the problem. Mitchell's Scaffolding Ltd were contracted to provide a scaffolding solution to a 70m stretch of Follyclough Brook in Rossendale, giving flood protection to a row of privately-owned houses.

Follyclough Brook runs behind the row of houses. During periods of heavy rainfall, run-off from the brook has the potential to cause flooding and the protective wall already in place had fallen into disrepair. This wall was therefore condemned to be demolished and subsequently rebuilt.

As soon as the design plans were agreed upon, Mitchell's Scaffolding created a scaffold design that would allow for access prior to and during the demolition and rebuild. The scaffolding was duly installed but then had to be quickly removed due to a downturn in the weather: this emergency removal was to prevent the the possibility of debris being trapped on the uprights and bracing standing in the bed.

The scaffold was returned to place three days later and work began, with an estimated time of completion scheduled for 3-4 weeks later. Operatives from Mitchell's Scaffolding were on standby in case the weather turned bad again but further downpours were not as heavy as predicted and work was able to progress to completion, at which point the scaffolding was removed.

Find out more about our bespoke scaffolding work on our website.


Bespoke Scaffolding Systems: Aqueduct 35

Many of the projects we have supplied scaffolding services to have involved repair and renovation to buildings in which people live and work. Sometimes though, our work focuses on structures designed to deliver services and one of these is Aqueduct 35 in Colne, Lancashire.

Bespoke Scaffolding Systems: Aqueduct 35

To reduce manual handling requirements, Mitchell's hired a quad and trailer which were used to transport scaffold equipment to the erection site. Specialist clothing was purchased in order to ensure that all operatives were fully equipped to carry out safe working practice.

The project involved the planning and subsequent erection of three individual drop scaffolds, each of which was installed at a key point along the length of the aqueduct. These scaffold allowed the contractors to gain access to the areas within which the mains gas pipe and eroded concrete plinth are located.

One of the key requirements of this unique project was to prevent any pressure whatsoever being placed on the walls of the viaduct; experts from Mitchell's Scaffolding Ltd therefore designed a system that incorporated a fixed amount of kentledges (a system of weights used to load-test piled foundations), allowing the scaffold to be constructed directly on the adjacent tow path.

The entire process was overseen by officials from the National Grid, ensuring that all work was carried out according to strict regulations. After all necessary repairs were completed, our operatives removed the scaffolding, leaving the area clean and tidy. Residents of the Colne area can now look forward to a guaranteed supply of gas for many years to come.

Check out the 'Portfolio' section of our website to find out more about the diverse scope of work carried out by Mitchell's Scaffolding Ltd.


Scaffolding and the Improvement of Housing Stock

Improving the quality of housing stock is essential and it is to this end that the Local Authority Renewal Program was set up in Lancashire. Mitchell's Scaffolding Ltd have been involved with several projects carried out as part of this program, two of which were located in Huncoat and Great Harwood.

Roof and RenderRoof and Render web

The renovation works were carried out to a large number of properties, with operations centering on repair/replacement of chimneys and removal/render work. Mitchell's were awarded a rolling contract to supply scaffolding to the large-scale project, with around ten properties at a time having scaffold erected. As each property was completed, the scaffold was removed and re-erected at the following property.

The scaffolding solutions we provided gave complete roofline access to bungalows and houses with two, three or four storeys. Many of the rendered properties had gables; these properties each required a pair of working lifts while the non-rendered properties needed a double handrail edge to prevent workers from falling. Added debris protection was provided with the addition of double toe-boards and gantry installation.

All of the toe-boards and platforms were firmly clamped in place to prevent high winds from uplifting scaffold boards. A minimum of two staff members handled particularly long components to further enhance safety levels.

Find out more about our past successes in the 'Portfolio' section of our website.


Scaffolding, Sprinklers and Scunthorpe!

Scaffolding, Sprinklers and Scunthorpe!Scaffolding, Sprinklers and Scunthorpe!

Protection from fire is one of the most important aspects of Health & Safety in the workplace and many buildings use a sprinkler system as a first line of defence. When a busy food production factory decide to install such a system, suspended scaffolding was required and Mitchell's were ideally place to provide it.

The Two Sisters Food Group is based in Scunthorpe and comprises a large warehouse along with administration and maintenance areas. As part of a larger refurbishment project, the installation of the sprinkler system was the most major aspect: work was scheduled to take place in two phases.

The positioning of the scaffold structures, along with the massive scale of the project, meant that aluminium tubing was the best option. In the first phase, scaffold and loading were erected around a busy forklift doorway, ensuring that full operational access was maintained. The vast amount of scaffolding tubing was manually lifted; access was permitted through a specifically-created opening, allowing the scaffold kit to pass freely into the building's roof space.

Before any assembly could be undertaken, the scaffolding operatives began to transfer equipment to the required area, a considerable distance equivalent to around three full-sized football pitches. Towards the end of the phase, many smaller areas such as the boiler room required additional walkways, which Mitchell's were immediately able to provide.

Once the work was completed, we dismantled and removed all scaffolding, leaving the premises clean, safe and secure. Find out more about our work on our website and get in touch with us to discuss your bespoke scaffolding requirements.

Trade Quotes

Scaffolding with Minimal Disruption: Two Case Studies

Mitchell's Scaffolding work in both the private and public sectors, facilitating construction, renovation and refurbishment works. We often have to work as quickly as possible while ensuring safety levels are constantly at 100%; here we look at two very different projects that had to be completed in a limited time to prevent major disruption to the public.

Burnley Water Treatment PlantBurnley Water Treatment Plant

To ensure the minimum of disruption to this crucial water treatment plant, the scaffold works required were planned well in advance, with all possibilities being closely considered. This pre-start planning was certainly valuable as vehicle access was an issue due to the need to park so close to the erection point on the access road; proper planning meant that everything from parking induction to scaffold erection took place without issue.

Several components went into making this project run smoothly. The scaffold allowed access to the flue and pipe works while a gated tower was installed to provide easy access to the low-level flat roof. Safety was ensured with a two-sided, hand-railed walkway installed across the structure and the perimeter of the building adjacent.

Train Station 007 webBlackburn Train Station

We designed and installed a full scaffold structure to protect patrons passing through the foyer of this busy station while building work took place. Sheeted and ply-boarded, the huge crash deck was designed to ensure complete protection to the entire pedestrian area, preventing any debris from falling through and causing injury. To further enhance pedestrian safety, the scaffolding work took place during the night from 11pm until 5am while the station was closed to the public.

This diverse pair of projects highlights the versatility of scaffolding provided by Mitchell's. Discover more of our work on the website and get in touch with us to discuss your bespoke scaffolding requirements.


Bespoke Scaffolding: New Builds in Chorley

Mitchell's Scaffolding often design, supply, build and subsequently remove scaffolds designed to facilitate new build projects. One such project we completed involved creating a complex bespoke scaffold for a brand new social housing project in Chorley.

The new semi-detached houses, two to a plot across a total of three plots, are made using a timber frame construction method. Unlike traditional new builds, where scaffolding is erected in phases to accommodate bricklayers, for timber-frame builds the scaffold must be erected in a single phase.

We always carry out detailed inspections and pre-start meetings to ensure that the scaffolding solution we design is nothing less than perfect. One key point discussed during pre-start meetings for this particular project was the close proximity of the site to railway tracks: it was essential to address additional requirements that would ensure train services were not impeded. Brick guards and additional fencing were agreed on to prevent the possibility of crossing any boundaries.

Work began on the first plot, with four sides up to roof height. Improved access at each scaffold level was provided with staircases and second and third scaffolds were installed as soon as the first was completed. Our scaffolds included small link bridges, which were used to allow ease of movement for contractors between plots, ensuring that injury risk was reduced and efficiency enhanced.

The installation of loading bays followed before internal scaffolds were set up to allow for party walls to be completed. Once this had taken place and after some alterations to roofing and checking for water-tightness, all scaffolds were removed and the job was complete.

Find out more about projects facilitated by Mitchell's Scaffolding in the 'Portfolio' section of our website.


Bespoke Scaffolding: Nando's Manchester

Nando's is one of the most popular fast food chains on the high street, with more than 1,000 branches around the world. Over 280 of those branches are located in the UK and Northern Ireland: Mitchell's Scaffolding recently designed and installed bespoke scaffolding at one of these branches.

Nando's was founded in South Africa in 1987, after friends Fernando Duarte and Robert Brozin went for a meal together at a local takeaway named 'Chickenland'. So impressive was the food that the friends decided to purchase the outlet, paying the equivalent of around £25,000.

After renaming the restaurant 'Nando's' (after Fernando's son), the business quickly grew, with three further outlets opening within two years. The first Nando's in the UK opened in 1992 and, after an initial struggle, became the fast food giant that it is today, employing more than 8,000 UK staff.

The branch of Nando's in Cheetham Hill, Manchester, is located in the busy Fort Street Retail Park. When a substantial amount of renovation and repair work was planned to the outside of the building, the owners contacted Mitchell's Scaffolding to request scaffolding to provide safe, secure and easy access to various areas of the structure.

The scaffolding was quickly erected, allowing work to progress quickly. Minimal disruption was caused to customers of the Nando's and adjacent areas within the retail park. Once the work was completed, we reversed the process and removed all trace of the scaffold.

How can we facilitate YOUR project with our scaffolding services? Get in touch and let us know.


Scaffolding services from Mitchell's

The scope of work carried out by Mitchell's Scaffolding Ltd is truly diverse, covering the widest range of building types imaginable from old, listed structures to brand new building projects. Here we look at a unique project we completed.

Yorkshire Bank, Burnley

The Yorkshire Bank building is located on Manchester Road in Burnley, where it stands on a busy corner. When upper-level window decoration work was planned, the owners contacted Mitchell's Scaffolding Ltd to provide a comprehensive scaffolding solution to provide safe access.

The time allotted for the project, a single Sunday, meant that we had to work quickly to meet targets. This short working time ensured minimum disruption to passing traffic and allowed the bank to offer completely uninterrupted service to its customers.

The installation of the scaffolding was designed to allow window decoration and replacement to take place quickly and safely. A licence and scaffold permit were obtained through Lancashire Highways due to the unique positioning of the structure.

The scaffolding structure we designed included three fully-boarded lifts at the base to allow rapid, unobstructed access to the building. There was a danger of escaping debris causing injury to passing pedestrians and so debris nets were installed to prevent this from occurring.

A final safeguard was provided in the form of a fan, which was run in to the full perimeter at the lowest point. Ladder access was built at each level and ladder traps installed. To ensure complete stability, the whole scaffolding structure was firmly tied to the building.

Find out more about our past projects in the 'Portfolio' section of our website and get in touch with our skilled technical team for further information on our scaffolding services.


Scaffolding Careers: Be the Best with CISRS

At Mitchell's Scaffolding Ltd, safety is our number-one priority. That's why we insist that all of our operatives hold an up-to-date CSCS (Construction Skills Certificate Scheme) or CISRS (Construction Industry Scaffolders Record Scheme) card.

As the industry-leading scaffold training scheme for more than 40 years, the CISRS is the 'preferred scaffolding qualification of all the major organisations including CSCS, NASC, HSE, Build UK, UNITE and the largest scaffold systems manufacturers'. There are in excess of 60,000 CISRS cardholders in the UK, with a further 5,000 holders overseas.

The CSCS delivers training and qualifications across the construction industry. Once trained and qualified, course attendees are issued with a card that shows they are competent to carry out the relevant work in a safe, informed and effective manner. It is used to prove skills to a potential employee such as Mitchell's Scaffolding Ltd, who can then guarantee that safety is always of the most crucial importance.

Though possessing a valid CSCS card is not currently a legal requirement in the UK, Mitchell's Scaffolding insist that all of our operatives carry one. We need to be certain that our operatives are fully competent in their work, allowing us to maintain our impressive record of unmatched safety levels in our varying workplaces.

We are always seeking to extend our workforce with intelligent, focused and dedicated operatives. For more information about working with us, check out our 'Careers' page and get in touch with our team.


Scaffolding for Housing Contracts

Mitchell's Scaffolding Ltd are often involved with work on housing contracts, delivering our signature collection of scaffolding services to facilitate new-build as well as renovation work. Below are details of one such contract that we have successfully carried out.

Browsholme Estate, Burnley

Browsholme is a large estate adjacent to Turf Moor, the home of Burnley Football Club. The estate comprises a mixture of houses and flats, many of which required major refurbishment work. To allow the various joiners, builders and engineers to gain safe, easy access to relevant areas, Mitchell's Scaffolding Ltd were called upon to provide a professional scaffolding solution.

The project was a challenging one, with issues such as narrow/restricted access, parking limitations, time constraints and the need to disturb residents as little as possible. Working closely with site and contract management ensured that we were able to get around the many issues, solving problems as we went.

All of the scaffolds we provided were equipped with full elevation brick guards on each working platform, along with handrails on every step. Where render works required, internal handrails were also provided. The ladder access presented a security issue and so was fully secured at the end of each working day.

Discover more of our works in the 'Portfolio' section of our website!


Blackburn Central Library

Though Mitchell's Scaffolding Ltd are involved with construction, renovation and restoration projects all over the UK, we are never happier than when we are working right here in Lancashire, improving our local area. As well as delivering scaffolding solutions in domestic and industrial situations, we have also been involved with many municipal projects, from hospitals and schools to churches, town halls and even an aqueduct!

One of the municipal projects we have been proud to work on was at Blackburn Central Library. The dual-phase project, with a budget of £2m, was designed to remove damaged cladding before restoring the original 1920s facade of the building.

Mitchell's Scaffolding Ltd kicked off the project by providing a sturdy scaffold to permit safe removal of the link bridge connecting the library with King George's Hall. As the bridge was gradually removed, we extended our scaffold to allow building repair work to begin, using separate towers to link each platform level.

Phase two of the project involved erecting a large 7-lift scaffold that ran the entire length of Town Hall Street. The working space was particularly restricted, necessitating a bespoke plan to enable beamed elevations to be run in. Monarflex sheeting was used to enclose the entire elevation, projecting adjacent properties.

Discover more of our past projects in the 'Portfolio' section of our website.


Happy New Year from Mitchell's!

Happy New Year from Mitchell's!

It's hard to believe that another year has gone by yet here we are right on the cusp of 2019. We would like to wish a happy new year to all of our clients and say a big thank you for your custom over the past year. Here's to many more!

2018 has been a pretty crazy year in terms of the weather but construction and renovation work must continue regardless. That has meant that all of the staff here at Mitchell's Scaffolding Ltd have been kept busy designing and implementing bespoke scaffolding and site access projects.

The early months of the year are one of our busiest times here at Mitchell's Scaffolding Ltd and we expect 2019 to be no exception. Make sure you stay in touch with what we're up to all year round by joining us on social media and subscribing to our monthly, feature-packed newsletter.

Once again, we wish you and your loved ones a very happy, prosperous and constructive 2019.


Scaffolding Services

Mitchell's Scaffolding Ltd offer a wide and diverse variety of scaffolding services. This means that an equally wide and diverse variety of projects are completed with our help; from hospitals to learning establishments and everything in between, we can design and supply the most effective scaffolding solutions tailored to individual specifications.

Wesham Hospital, Kirkham 

Over a period of several years, the facade of Wesham Hospital building has suffered from slight movement issues. To prevent any further movement and render the building safe for use, a shoring-up remedial project was proposed which necessitated the erection of scaffolding.

Mitchell's Scaffolding Ltd designed and delivered a complete scaffolding solution for the project. As the structure was required to stand for more than 12 months, a particularly substantial design was required. Scaffold inspections take place every week to ensure everything is in order and fencing has been erected around the site to prevent unauthorised access.

St Mary's College, Blackburn

Extensive repointing work was required to the facade and chimney stack of St Mary's College, necessitating scaffolding which was constructed in three phases. The college is located in a residential area and so hoarding to the full base on both elevations was quickly put in place, along with effective debris netting. A gated entry point offers secure access, negating the need for constant removal and reattachment of the fixings.

Wherever the building and whatever the project, Mitchell's Scaffolding Ltd have got the right solution. Browse our portfolio to see more examples of the diverse work we do and get in touch with our team for information and advice.


Temporary Roofs: Protection from Winter

The winter does not provide favourable weather conditions for construction and renovation work though of course many projects are essential and must continue regardless. For the benefit of such projects, Mitchell's Scaffolding Ltd delivers a professional collection of solutions, one of which is temporary roofs.

Much of the UK has been subject to heavy rain in recent days, preventing many sites from being able to function and thus preventing build target times from being met. These overruns and the standing time are costly; all of the problems can be successfully avoided with weather protection in the form of a temporary roof from Mitchell's Scaffolding Ltd.

Whether a single roof or a complete building and wherever the location, we can create the perfect temporary roof design for any project. We utilise the most modern, effective roofing systems to ensure the ideal solution that will provide proper protection, containment or a combination of both. No matter whether the roof is of any shape from pitched to polygonal, Mitchell's Scaffolding Ltd guarantee a professional result every time.

Health and Safety is of course of great importance to us here at Mitchell's Scaffolding Ltd. That's why we ensure and guarantee that all of our scaffolders are fully trained to always adhere to the latest health and safety regulations and that they carry official, up to date CSCS cards.

For more information about how a temporary roof could let YOUR project continue this winter, get in touch with our team today.  


Scaffolding Services: The Mitchell's Collection

Mitchell's Scaffolding Ltd offer a wide range of scaffolding and related services to our clients. Our emphasis is on providing the ultimate combination of cost-effectiveness, practical value and safety and all of our services are guaranteed to be delivered in the most professional manner. Our services include:

Scaffold Supply, Hire and Erection

Our client base is large and extremely diverse, covering many sectors across the spectrum of industry. We use scafftags, handover certificates, method statements and risk assessments to ensure that we consistently deliver the very best levels of safety and service. We own and operate a comprehensive collection of access equipment to suit any application; the collection includes scaffolding tubes, boards and fittings, staging boards, netting, propping, rubbish chutes, safety gates, ladders and much more.

Temporary Roofs

The weather can make or break a project; downtime due to bad weather is clearly more problematic during the autumn and winter months. We use state-of-the-art technology to create temporary roofs on all kinds of buildings, whatever their shape, location or other requirements may be. This allows for work to continue unhindered, ensuring that time and cost targets can be easily met.

Stair Towers and Staircases

Allowing for quick, easy and safe access to elevated points, our stair systems are simple to erect and allow you to get started working in minutes.

Allow Access Towers

Mounted on quality castor wheels, our alloy access towers deliver the ultimate in on-site mobility. These towers are suitable for a wide range of applications from construction to decoration and maintenance.

These are just some of the professional scaffolding services and equipment available at Mitchell's. Browse our website to discover more.


Whesham Hospital Design Scaffold

The fully designed scaffold at Wesham hospital in Kirkham is no fully signed off the scaffold is due to remain in place for up to 18 months

Scaffold gangs wanted

Mitchell's Need 2 x 2+1 Gangs to scaffold and Drive 7.5 ton wagons immediate start available call 01254 392100 local contracts Blackburn Accrington and Burnley areas
Cards are essential

Carded Scaffolders needed

Mitchell's are looking to recruit CISRS Scaffolders and scaffolder drivers or Labourer Drivers  you need to hold an in date Scaffolder  card with a minimum of 12 months in the industry wagon drivers to be over 25 and able to drive a 7.5 ton vehicle. We have immediate starts available 

More high winds

The Lancashire area is once again on the receiving a battering from strong winds all scaffolders work halted gotta keep our guys safe,  working at height safely is always a priority, 

High winds

The high winds in the Accrington and surrounding areas have driven a lot of inquires our way in the last week,  with new contracts starting on Monday when questions raised over safety in high winds have been asked we always state the Clamping down of scaffold boards has always been part of our day to day working, keeping our operatives and the contractors who utilize the scaffolds safe is our top priority. 

Urgently required Scaffolder and scaffolder Drivers

Mitchells are looking for Scaffolder Drivers or Driver Labourers to start work you will beworking in the Accrington Blackburn and Burnley Areas  on established contracts you must hold a current CSCS card Call Karen or Dawn on 01254392100 for an Immediate start

We Have Moved

Mitchell's Scaffolding Ltd

Unit 2A

Moorfield Drive

Moorfield Industrial Estate





Former Cellar Bar Blackburn

Blackburn's former public house The Cellar bar is receiving a full on face lift . Mitchell's have installed a fully boarded scaffold to accommodate all the regeneration works. 

Temporary stairs

No matter what the project scaffold, may surprise you.   When access out of a temporary building was required, the solution was put in place in the format of a stair tread and scaffold.

Part 2 and Advanced

Experienced Part 2 and advanced scaffolders to work Accrington , Burnley & Blackburn Call Karen or Dawn on 01254 3921900

Scaffolders Required

We are expanding

To accomodate the new contracts  Mitchells need More Scaffolders 

Experienced scaffolders required for immediate start in Accrington call our office and speak to Karen or Dawn on 01254 392100


Expansion and Re-Location

Mitchell's are Moving  our continued Growth has generated the need for moer space 

Yorkshire Bank Burnley


Hyndburn Social Housing contract in March

Got the go-ahead and underway in March of this year this contract is set to run for up to 4 years with a steady turnaround of scaffold following completion of each property.

Turf Moor's Browsholme Site Burnley

Work on the Tenanted Estate adjacent to Burnley Football clubs hallowed ground Turf Moor is now well underway as the next stage of property improvement continues.


Burnley Water Treatment Plant


Blackburn hospice


Five A Side Football

Following last Wednesdays slaughter Mitchell's redeemed ourselves with a victory at Blackburn's DW Soccer Dome. No substitutions  were made at all during the game and  Antony our goal keeper made a fantastic save stopping a hard hit penalty. 

Goal scorers
Scott Mitchell 1
Stuart Mitchell 1
Scott Chinary 4
Tommy Aspin 1

The final score 7-2   

Manchester Pride

Mitchell's had a great day at the Manchester Pride Procession over the weekend. Thomas Cook team and Scootch followed Sir Ian  McKellen on rout through Manchester's City Centre. Hundreds of thousands of delighted onlookers lined the city streets  to watch the parade and Mitchell's were delighted to be part of the event

Timber frames Chorley

The Timber Frame New Build Site Chorley is well and truly under-way, all  3 Plots are ready to go on new social housing project 

North West Reigional Construction Awards

Mitchell's are Pleased to announce our entry into this year’s Northwest Regional Construction Awards  has seen Mitchell’s Short listed in 2 category’s. Leadership and Development and Health & Safety

After a hard fought Final Mitchell's  won the coveted Health and Safety Award


Part 1 Training

Chris Payne has begun his 2 week basic part 1 scaffolder training course at Training 2000 this week MD Stuart Mitchell is wishing him all the best

Part 2 Qualification, Chris Warbrick

Chris Warbrick has successfully undergone his part 2 scaffolding qualification . with the 2 day assessment planned Mitchell's MD Stuart Mitchell Gives Chris a resounding pat on the back 

Training session 3

Training session 3 in the yard is complete and the Peter Pan's of this Session have taken their flying lessons and have their feet back firmly on the ground   

Huncoat and Great Harwood

The latest update to the Mitchell's Website has now been uploaded giving an overview of scaffold works for roof render and chimney scaffolds

Big Bertha has arrived

We have grown the fleet to 9 vehicles including our latest 21 Tonne wagon.

When planning for the company growth, Director Stuart put himself through his HGV driving test along with 2 of our scaffolder drivers We have also made provision for a 4th member of our  team to take his test in June  2015.



Scaffolders Drivers and Laborers

With the new contracts starting 5th January 2015 we are now looking for more Experience men to Join our current gangs
To apply for these vacancy's you must hold a Current CSCS card and experience within the  scaffolding industry  
Call Karen or Dawn on 01254 392100 
Qualified Scaffolders Labourers and Drivers required Immediate and January starts

scaffolders Needed

With the new contracts starting 5th January 2015 we are now looking for more Experience men to Join our current gangs
To apply for these vacancy's you must hold a Current CSCS card and experience within the  scaffolding industry  
Call Karen or Dawn on 01254 392100 
Qualified Scaffolders Labourers and Drivers required Immediate and January starts

New Labourer started this morning 18/12/14 we still need more 

11th November

A brief thankyou to all the service men and women who gave so much so that we could enjoy the freedom we have today. from all at Mitchell's Scaffolding


More hands on training for Scaffolding Operatives

Library in Blackburn

Scaffold inspection undertaken  21st  Oct 14  saw sheeting had performed well in high winds with 1 small area in need of replacement on Blackburn Library 


Blackburn Train Station, Lancashire Telegraph

Mitchell's have been installing the scaffolding to access the roof area in the main Foyer a fully designed crash deck to enable pedestrians safe access below the works being undertaken, as part of Blackburn Town Centre Renewal.  

As Seen in the Lancashire Telegraph Friday 3rd of October.

Folly clough Brook

Fully designed Scaffold, installed in Crawshawbooth for the raising of river/brook bank saw its 3rd install on the 11th Aug following the Amber weather warnings

Latest Social Housing

A total of 39 houses have undergone a mixture of Roofing works pointing and render to see this small estate in Oswaldtwistle .


Part 2 and Advanced Scaffolders needed

Mitchell's are looking for  experienced Part 2 Scaffolders and Advanced scaffolders for ongoing contracts running across the Northwest
you will be reporting to the Mitchell's Accrington Yard.

Hours of work 7:30 am to 4:30pm Monday to Friday. with overtime and weekends available immediate start 

Current CISRS cards

With new contracts being awarded to Mitchell's on a weekly basis Mitchell's are looking for reliable and experienced Scaffolders to join our highly motivate teams, call Karen or Dawn on 01254 392100 

Scaffolders on the road 9th June

Our guys are working in Little-borough OL15  and in Waddington getting scaffold up for home owners to undertake pointing on his cottage lets hope the weather holds off also we are Busy getting the the 6th lift down at Blackburn Library, then striking in Accrington on the hospital, Lime Road, Whalley road on to Rishton.
The office staff are putting the final touches to a number of tenders so its busy time all round


Tuesday 15th Out and About

Today's work is relatively local  seeing yet more scaffold on

Accrington's Victoria Hospital,

The final scaffold element removed from St Pauls Church On Plantation Street

Langho will see the full striking of the scaffold at the Woodlands

We have also had 3 collections from the Mitchell's Yard of the Trusty Aluminium Towers

Too home owners making the most of the Easter break for undertaking a little DIY

Accrington's Victoria Hospital,  is having a scaffold erected on another section of the old building for roof and pointing  with all lifts fully boarded.

The final scaffold element removed from St Pauls Church On Plantation Street.

Langho will see the full striking of the scaffold at the Woodlands having been installed for the home owner to give access for replacement barge board the job is now complete 

We have also had 3 collections from the Mitchell's Yard of the Trusty Aluminium Towers Too home owners making the most of the Easter break for undertaking a little DIY


Wednesday Workload 9th April

Lancashire seems to be alternating between cavity wall insulation and the
 installation of new fascias and soffits. 
For company's  looking to install contact Mitchell's on 01254 392100 
Over the past few months Mitchell's have erected dozens of scaffolds for this 
type of work. and would like to do more.Wilpshire Blackburn is to set see a scaffold on  3 elevations of a semi detached home. the scaffold is to allow safe access for painting and new barge-boards

While Loughclough will see a detached home fully encased in scaffold for its new barge-boards.

Colne is also set for a similar scaffold to install their new fascias and soffits
But Leicester road in Blackburn is bucking this trend having scaffold for solar panel maintenance.

Both types of work are welcome    

Tuesday 8th April out and about

The Aspinall arms out at Mitton near Whalley has had all the scaffold removed unavailing the new and very polished exterior  this tastefully renovated public house will be ready to welcome new customers within the month, the new owners have invested on both the internal and external aspects of the property  as a result The Aspinall Arms once again  stands proud  in its rural setting.

The new build house in Wiswell also saw a large portion of scaffold removed and altered to accommodate the rendering to the back and gable of the property and the front where the new driveway and landscaping are due to start .

Mitchell's men also struck the scaffold to the Factory on Weir street  where the scaffold had been erected for the roofing works, the site ran along the side the culvert carrying the river Blake-water, making the transportation of equipment a somewhat difficult task.


Mondays New Starter trained up

Mitchell's Latest operative Dylan has undertaken his Part one scaffolder Training Course at Blackburn's Training 2000.

The two week course is now awaiting his work based evidence submission to finalize his qualification.

Having worked with Mitchell's on and off from leaving school this training has sealed his position giving him the polished edge to the skills he has previously gained.

  Stuart Mitchell Managing Director said that Training was a vital part of the scaffold industry, and when asking Dylan" what aspect of the training did you learn from the most" Dylan said "the load weights of scaffold fittings and the importance of why scaffolds are erected specifically with the load capacity for the job"  

Stuart was very pleased to hear Dylan had gained a genuine understanding from his training and has set the ball rolling for a second operative to undertake his part 1 in May this year.


Our guys are now over halfway through the erecting and stripping scaffold on the Ingol Estate in Preston.
The scaffold is being installed as edge protection while the main contractors replace the all the old and worn railings from the flats.
This is quite a fast paced job calling for excellent co-ordination with site agent, installers and Mitchell's.
The expectation is that the staircase balustrades will be arriving on site any day now with and end date to clear site in a little over 1 week meaning the site is running to schedule.
More work with contractors like this always be welcome.
Having Completed all the Erecting to the Balustrades a lot of the edge protection is being removed with an expected site clearance date 28th March

Delays in the manufacture of the balustrades had a knock on effect, seeing the 5 remaining scaffolds having to remain on site until the last batch arrived for the contractors to install.
The site is now complete and the scaffold fully removed slightly longer than anticipated  

New Scaff tools arrive

Mitchell's scaffolders and trainees have been having a spring order session for; new spanners, belts, bubbles and alike. The advanced scaffolders have opted for Aircraft Alloy handles and in some cases they've  coloured handles. Heavy duty frogs have been another one of the main orders, we have also had a couple of full belts put through, so all the guys are fully kitted out once again.  The new tools were ordered over the past few weeks with the last batch arriving this morning. 


Thusday out and about

Today's working schedule has again been full  with works in Clayton, Accrington, Darwen, Hasslingdon, Barrow-ford and Preston
The scaffolding work to the Flats on Elder court  is continuing on the 3 block for roof works
Darwen  we have struck 3 scaffolds at 3 different terrace house addresses where scaffolding was erected for chimney Flue installation 
Accrington Victoria has also had additional works for pointing
In Haslingdon have had to install an extensive scaffold round and over 2 large bay windows to enable the contractor to re-lead the roofs at  3 levels

Preston saw a small detached house having new render with the wrap round set back  to accommodate

And tomorrow is looking the same  


Wednesday Work Load

Today we have scaffold gangs working in Clitheroe, Mitton, Wiswell, Clayton, Nelson and Shiply

Clitheroe will see a full wrap round scaffold to a large detached property for roofing works 

The Aspinall Arms public house is nearing the end of it's extensive re-refurbishment with the chimney scaffold being removed, work above and around the smoking shelter completed allowing for this section of the scaffold to be removed and a few alterations on the remaining scaffold to be undertaken to allow for the last few areas to have the finishing touches.

The Phased work to a New Build Detached house in Wiswell will see another section of scaffold struck and alterations made "accommodating the different trades on site"

Clayton is to see the table lifts added to progressive work on a detached house extension.

In Nelson, Neighbours to a property that has had roofing works undertaken utilising Mitchell's Scaffolding, are to have their house front and roof works undertaken by the same contractor, so as one scaffold comes down we will be be re-erecting the house next door,  reducing carbon emissions and travel.

Then on to  Shippley where Cavity wall insulation was installed, 2 of the elevations had areas in need of access, 1 side  of the property had a large glass roofed conservatory and an adjoining porch to span and the 2nd an attached garage. 

All in all a good and well planed day            

Operatives collect work Based Evidence

Jordan Birtwell came to work with Mitchell's scaffolding for his school work experience as a 15year old in 2009 Stuart Mitchell spotted his potential.

Jordan began working with Mitchell’s again in 2013  and after a few splutters got himself on track

He is now collating his work based evidence in readiness for under-taking his scaffolding part 1 qualification expected to be in April of this year.

Having worked on some very demanding projects we are confident that he will be successful.  


Work on Flats in Huncoat

Mitchell's began work on Wednesday 19th Feb erecting scaffold for roofing works as part of the Hyndburn homes repair scheme .

The second block is all but finished,  we are working with the main contractor to ensure all works are running to schedule. 

Mitchell's Operative Take  a break  and photo the second block we are now well under-way on the 3rd block 

Blackburn Library

Mitchell's started to remove the first section of scaffold revealing the original façade of this magnificent building. Having a tantalizing glimpse of what's to come adds to the overall anticipation.  

The new look is restricted to one section at present, an extensive section of the Northgate elevation scaffold is to remain which will be linked to the next phase set to run the length of Town Hall Street elevation. 



Mitchell's are pleased to say all our SSIP accreditations are now in place

Mitchell's have maintained our accreditations  for over 5 years with renewals due on annual basis 

The processes is very necessary in order to maintain Mitchell's standards and also helps to reduce the amount of duplicated health and safety information asked on company PQQ's


New Office 1

Unfortunately the cabins that we went to look at in Leeds were in a poor state and not suitable for our much needed office space.
Stuart Mitchell MD has taken the decision to construct his own.Over crowding in the Office has become a priority and the need for additional room is top of the list.
1) Fork lift Hired in to begin moving the scaffold equipment.
2) Yard Re-shuffle is now under way
We would pick the coldest morning in weeks to start but its all in a good cause
3) The scaffolder's will get an area of their own with full exclusive canteen facility's, Drying Room Fridge Microwave and the all important Brewing Facilities.

4) Stuart Mitchell is going to get a proper private office space where he can host meetings and  meet with clients without the constant interruption.

5) And the ladies of the company will get the space to undertake their work.
So watch this space more images as it happens  

New office

Today's jaunt on the trail of a new portacabin saw the MD in Leeds looking at 2 cabins sad to say they had seen better days. the transport would have seen the rendered wood disintegrate.
The decision has now been made rather than expand upwards with a cabin a top of our existing cabin , we are going to extend what we have.

Rock Fm

On the drive in to work Karen from Mitchell's Scaffolding got a shout out from Rock Fm, all the operatives were pleased she had be to top up the tea and coffee before work so they got a nice hot drink before loading up for work in Great Harwood, Clayton Le Dale and Preston  

Stoke on Trent College

We are now on the final round up at the college the final clearance date to be set in for some time in the next 2 weeks 
its all go to get the work signed off

Booking CISRS Tests

Booking test for our operatives is not so straight forward following the change to the CITB web site as a company we can no longer just log on and book a number of operatives each on is individual with their own user name and pasword 
not good 20 mins per application 

New Foam Padding

the Foam Padding for Doorways arrived at the Yard this morning ready for the Huncoat site Good stuff Thanks Paul

Scaffold designer

Very glad to say our long term scaffold designer is back after a break from the trade and still providing a great service  

first day of the New Mitchells Blog

Our guys are on the road erecting in Leyland, Widnes Stoke on Trent and Accrington

Part 2 qualification

Michael had held a part 1 qualification for over 10 years but on joining Mitchell's in the spring of this year it soon became evident that he had all the skills without the official certification

Within 2 months his course was booked 

Now the qualification affords Mick the opportunity to go forward, honing the scaffolding skill's.

Stuart Mitchell said " to have so much experience without the paper qualification is a shear waste of talent, Michael is now able to sign off the work he has been capable of doing for many years"


Mitchell's Highly commended

Mitchell's took home a Highly commended at this years Awards for their commitment to health and safety.

a Total of 14 entrants were vying for this very coveted award.



Mitchells have continued our membership with the NWCSG. Stuart Mitchell Managing Director said " the NWCSG is a valuable source of  health and safety information to all aspects of the construction

Our membership gives us all the latest information and provides Mitchell's Scaffolding with the opertunity to interact with other trades within the built envionment through attendance of the monthly meetings, with the oppertunity to discuss and raise questions in regard to issues that affect everyone. 


Training — Advanced Scaffolder

Mitchell's are pleased to announce Scott Mitchell has now passed his training centre side of Advanced scaffolder  training following his 2 week course, and will finalise his Advanced scaffolder status by August of this year. So a big well done from all the staff and operatives at Mitchell's was the order of the day

Scott Mitchell is now undertaking his advanced Scaffolder training at Training 2000 in Blackburn. this is the latest scaffolding training in our annual training plan.

Both Wesley Mcivor and Antony Clayton have already completing their part 2 scaffolder training courses and are now fully accredited Part 2 Scaffolders in January of this year.


Acclaim Accreditation

Mitchell's put ourselves forward for this CAPITA run health and safety accreditation in conjunction with our Construction line renewal.

This is the latest health and safety accreditation Mitchell's  have undertaken, with renewals every 12 months as further demonstration to our clients of Mitchell's commitment to best practice within the industry

The process covers every aspect of the work we undertake  covering everything from ladder,and equipment inspections PPE issue and maintainance, recording of information, toolbox talks to name but a few.  

Further staff training

Wes McIvor is set to complete his part 2 Scaffolder Training after a 2 year break this is being undertake at Training 2000  Wes had left the trade after taking his part one.

Antony Clayton has completed his part 2  and is awaiting his on site assessment

While Stuart Mitchell MD is in the final 6 months of his Construction HND at Blackburn College.


CHAS 12/13

Mitchell's have been awarded our renewal of CHAS accreditation on New Years Day 2013.

Mitchell's have always opted for accreditation with CHAS since applying in 2006.

To be accredited rather than just registered with CHAS Mitchell's had to undertake the annual reviews.

This year however saw changes in the CHAS format now  there is no longer a 2 tier approach and all applicants are required to under go the annual review process and therefore cut out the confusion from a buyers prospective.   Bringing this accreditation in line with other similar SSIP's.


Safe Contractor

In The run up to Christmas Mitchell's had our Safecontractor accreditation awarded.

This accreditation has been maintained for over 6 years with our first application Following the arrival of our then newest recruit Karen Turner who took onboard the organising of information and ensuring the company clearly demonstrated the very best of working Practices.


Scaffolders required

Immediate Start

Must hold current CISRS card or CSCS card for Labourers

Call Mitchells Office on 01254 392100


Construction Line

Mitchell's once again renewed our Membership of Constructionline


Advanced Scaffolder Training

Steve is now in receipt of his advanced Certificate with the collation of his work based evidence well underway it won’t be long before his status is fully that of Advanced Scaffolder

Given the role that Steve has played within Mitchell’s over the past 18 months and more the qualification is verification of his skill and ability something our MD and clients are fully aware of

Steve has passed his Training centre Portion of the Advanced Scaffolders training

Stuart MD said “Steve’s hard work has paid off  with the on-site assessment to come and finalisation of his work based evidence Steve is well on the way to the final carded qualification so well done"

 Our latest Training schedule is now well under way with Stephan Bracewell scaffolder with Mitchell's for over 4 years has been booked to take his Advanced Scaffolder NVQ level 3  Qualification in April of this year through our local training provider Training 2000 Blackburn.

Stuart Mitchell MD said " Steve has shown his commitment to the company on many occasions, the time is now right to fully advance him to the next level, providing this training will not only give Steve the training he is suited to it will further show Mitchell's Commitment to improving our workforce when potential clients look for all round quality in a company"


Northwest Regional Construction Awards

The Northwest Regional Construction Awards saw the cream of Northwest Companies vying for the accolades in the ten categories in this years Awards. Mitchell’s had made it through in not 1 but 2 categories Leadership & People Development and the SME of the Year Award. 

The evening kicked off with the first award for Leadership & People Development, one of the two awards Mitchells were in contention for. The Award saw the Cruden Group take first place out of the 4 nominees; Blackpool LEP, Lend Lease and Mitchell's Scaffolding,

Though Mitchell's didn’t take the crown Mitchell’s Managing Director Stuart Mitchell said   “ just to make it through to the finals in this category says a lot about my company, the training and working practices we employ makes a big difference to the standard of work we provide, it’s great honour to get this far and the recognition especially given the calibre of entrants is great, I would personally like to congratulate The Cruden Group on their success.

As the evening progressed, the following awards categories saw the Northwest’s Construction elite presented with their prize;

Integration & Collaborative Working Award – Value in Construction, Sustainability Award – Our Legacy, Business Innovation Award, Heritage Award, Contractor of the Year Award, SME of the Year Award, Client of the Year Award, Young Achiever of the Year Award, Project of the Year Award, Local Economic Award .

Though Mitchell's didn’t claim the Small to Medium Enterprise category  the spotlight fell on them when they were selected as one of only 5 companies out of the 45 in attendance to be presented with a “Highly commended”   for the way in which our business processes, people development, collaborative working and finding new ways of working underpin the company.

 Stuart Mitchell and Sharon Turner were delighted to receive this hugely coveted commendation saying  “Wow this was totally unexpected and a real honour for us, knowing that the values we have worked with from the outset are worthy of respect is greatly appreciated. We know how good Mitchell’s are, but to have recognition of this is absolutely fantastic.”


Scaffolders celebrate queens jubilee

Scaffolders lancashire

A night of celebration at the 55th Divisional Club Preston on 8th June 2012 is set to be the best yet with

Entertainment from: live band, Piper, Quiz and Last Night of the Proms tickets are priced at just £10 a head for this celebrationand are  available from Phil Copeland. HMP Preston on 07731 617 092.




Scaffolders Summer ball charity

Scaffolding company in accrington lancashire cancer charity event


Black Tie Summer Ball at Fulwood Golf Club in aid of Womens Cancer Charities will be held on Friday 29th of June

with a 3 course meal and bar til 1pm.

Entertainment from Soul Diva Louise with disco till late.

Tickets are priced at £25 per head

To find out more or to  book your place for a great night out

Please call Mandy on 07731 617 092






Finalist's Anounced

Mitchell’s have made it to this years finals of the North West Regional Construction Awards.

The calibre of entrants has been higher than ever, with 10 categories covering Training through to construction projects

Stuart Mitchell said “this is fantastic news , reaching the final in not one but two categories is even better, we have been shortlisted for The Leadership and people Development Award as well as The SME of the Year Award, I know how coveted the awards are."

"I am absolutely delighted to have made it this far and send my congratulations to all this years finalists, for making it to this stage. I look forward to meeting them at the Ceremony on the 31st of May."


Cancer Support

A ladies Night in aid of Womens Cancer has been arranged for Friday 23rd March 7:30pm at Greenlands Labour Club Preston

Perfumes, Sweetie Bags , Handbags, Anne Summers, tombola Drag Artist and Dj are all there to support the event with Male strippers as the  Star attraction

So ladies if you are looking for a fun filled night thats all about us this is the place to be  

Tickets are £5.00 if booked and £6.00 on the door, for further information please contact or call 07731617092

Other event include

6th April Fancy Dress

April Cricket Match (date and time to be confirmed)

Football Match in Leyland (date time and Venue to be confirmed)

Curry Night  Wigan Bring your own Booze and wear something pink Location to be Confirmed

Sat 5th May and  Sat 29thy RUN AWAY BRIDE NIGHT a real ale trail from Manchester to Leeds

Fri 1st June Race Night

Fri 29th June Summer Ball at Fullwood Golf Club

Friday 127th July Oscar Night

For details on the above events please contact or call 07731617092



Solar Panel Installation

Mitchell's have begun work on the next round of scaffolding to houses for solar panel installation in Bradford

With 6 Days to erect all the property’s the work has been phased to match installer’s needs

This also minimises the home owner and tenants disruption to satellite signal

The dismantle process will begin as soon as the first installs are connected  


Beat hearder Festival

Mitchell's have supplied and erected the scaffolding requirements for the open air rock festival held annually in Gisburn. The massive graffiti wall is accessed from staircases leading to the staging platform where members of the audience add their own art. The work is undertaken in the run up to the festival antd removed following the last night. This local and ever growing open air event is a fantastic event for all age groups and well worth a visit.

Take a look at their web site for this years line up


More solar Panel work

Having now completed the contract for solar panel installation on 82 Property’s in the Blackburn ,Darwen  and Preston area. Started Pre Christmas.

The number of property’s involved have all been on a strict time frame with up to 25 property’s to be erected in any one day

Mitchell's are on the lookout for more. Given the vast experience of our staff (all of whom have their CISRS cards) on the needs for solar panel installs we know there will be other company’s out there that will need a similar service and a phone call is all it takes to get the ball rolling

Call 01254 392100 and begin working with us.


The Telegaph Finals

Mitchell's take home Highly commended in the Team of the year award,MD Stuart Mitchell says" although we lost out to a grat company in Thwaites Brewary regardless of the outcome the Team at Mitchell's Scaffolding are the best and I am very proud of their achivement." 

Scaffolders support Chairity

Once again Mitchells scaffolding in lancashire rose to the occasion at a local charity event organised by Oakleigh Dental Centre in Oswaldtwistle.  The event took place at the newly refurbished Trickys public house on Thwaites Road.

Mitchell’s sponsored the event providing a wagon for decoration with bunting and banners to promote the event. Providing the sacks for racing and on the ground support throughout the night with the scaffolders in burnley and blackburn manning the various tombola’s and stalls.

The night was a great success with over £600 raised,  egg and spoon, sack and three legged races aimed at adults and children all added to the fun.

As ever the competitive nature of scaffolders came to the fore as the staff vied for first place in all the racing. 


Rochdale College

The extensive scaffolding requirements at the main entrance to Rochdale College posed a numbers of access issue.

The objective to ensure safe and continuous access for college students and members of the faculty.

The finished scaffold has created a safe and people freindly rout too the main campus and allows the main contractor a safe platform to work on.

Create a temporary disabled access.

Erect cradle support above entrance.

Link disabled ramp to access the entrance spanning the sunken service road. 

All aspects of the work undertaken allowed the college to operate with minimum disruption during this very busy time.

Working very closely with the main contractor Mitchell's ensured that the time scale was appropriate to both the college and contractor needs.

Extensive beam work spanning the entrance foyer and patioed areas had to be put in place forming a cradle over the entrance before work could begin cutting away the existing handrail.

The spanning of the service road required the use heavy duty steel ladder beam, additional handrails, the structure to be boarded out prior to the addition of Ply wood, removing any potential trip hazard and finaly a none slip cover is to be added for pedestrians. 

Once complete the link had to be made from the temporary wheelchair / disabled ramp.  

The linking of all 3 aspects called for accurate workmanship with no tollerance for any deviation to the design.

The overall covering required smooth precession joints from the scaffold boards to allow plywood facing to be laid prior to the anti slip top covering being laid.


Lancashire Scaffold Company

Mitchells Scaffolding win second place by dressing up their scaffold wagon as Blackpool Lancashire theme for the Accrington Lions Community Carnival Procession 2011.

The Essence of Blackpool theme included characters from the traditional Blackpool of yester-year with Punch (Steve Bracewell Supervisor) Judy (Sharon Turner Chief Executive Officer), The Circus Ring Master ( Neil Heap Supervisor), The Traditional English Holiday Maker (Mark Palmer Supervisor) The House of Horrors Freddie Cruger (Stuart Mitchell MD)  Stag Night Morph man (Marcus Hargreaves Family Friend) Blackpool Donkey ( Laura Hargreaves Family Friend) The Old-fashioned Strong Man( Karen Turner Business Development Executive) The Laughing Clown (Darren Hargreaves Former Employee) Mystic Gypsy Rose lee (Joanne Hargreaves Family Fried) and all the children as Pirates, Candy Floss , Alice in Wonderland, The White Rabbit, Playing Cards, Pasaje Del Terror, Hen Night Girls. Our scaffolders erected blackpool tower out of our scaffolding tubes.

This took a lot of effort with the MD Stuart and his staff working until midnight on the 17th and in again at 6 am the following morning to get the float ready but the effort was worth it, with a great mix of people and characters  a fun day was had by all and the winning of second prize was the icing on the cake.

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  • SimmonstoneScaffolding
  • SkelmersdaleScaffolding
  • SkiptonScaffolding
  • SlaidburnScaffolding
  • SouthportScaffolding
  • StAnnesOnSeaScaffolding
  • StirlingScaffolding
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  • WithnellScaffolding
  • WorsthorneScaffolding
  • WreaGreenScaffolding
  • WrightingtonScaffolding
  • YealandConyersScaffolding

Award Winners 2011

Young Uns Award 2011 - Stuart Mitchell has been awarded winner of the Young Business Person of the Year 2011.

Stuart Was also shortlisted for the one to watch 2011 award.

After a few close calls Stuart has walked away with the top Accolade Young Business Person of the year.

The competition was hard fought with excellent entry’s from some extremely good young business men from across the Lancashire Region. Stuart wants to Congratulate all the winners of the various categories and those who came so close.

On behalf of the University of Central Lancashire and Lancashire Business View!

Young Business Person Award, presented by Judith Dugdale, Moore and Smalley

Winner: Stuart Mitchell - Mitchell’s Scaffolding Ltd

Winner: Stuart Mitchell - Mitchell’s Scaffolding Ltd

  • Highly Commended:   Malcolm Ireland – Napthens Solicitors
  • Chris Boyle – Napthens Solicitors
  • Kenneth Cheung – BEEcycle Ltd
  • Rob Scott – Denwa Communications (Denwa Ltd)

North West Reigonal Construction Awards

After a Champagne Reception the award for SME of the year deservedly went to Rochdale based Jackson, Jackson & Sons. Following the announcement Stuart said that although it was disappointing not to have won, he was pleased to see the award go to such a impressive competitor.

Mitchell's Have made the Regional finals for The North West Construction award against very stong competition .

Managing Director Stuart Mitchell said ," we understand all the entrants have put forward very strong applications and are worthy contenders", " I am very proud  to have made it this far and send my congratulations to all the entrants on reaching this stage.


Watch Mitchells Video


Scaffolding Qualification

Mitchell's have recently had two scaffolders pass their NVQ part 1 scaffolding course at Training 2000 in blackburn. Danny who has been with the company from November 2010 had shown a drive to succeed and that has paid off with his part 1 NVQ in scaffolding taken at Training 2000 in Blackburn March 2011. Adam who joined the company in January was also successfull in his NVQ level 1


Managing Director Now IOSH certified


Blackburn's Capita


North West Construction Safety Group


Mitchell's Support

The Maddison Allen appeal supported by Mitchell's Scaffolding Ltd held a Sportsman's Dinner at Blackburns Ewood Park.

Neil Razor Ruddock was the guest speaker for the evening and entertained the guests with tales from his footballing career. Razor was seated with Mitchell's Scaffolding staff and friends. following his entertaining speach Razor sat and joked with Stuart who gave every bit as good as he got.    


Mitchells Help Raise money for Madison Allan

Raffel Tickets Prizes and clothes donated by Coronation Street stars raised more than £2,000 for The Madison Allan Appeal on 9th October 2010.

Mitchells Scaffolding workers, helped out providing security in the shape of black tie and tuxedo-clad, they also helped out selling raffel tickets raising money at the event.

Actress Shobna Gulati, who plays Sunita Alahan in the ITV soap, collected dresses, tops and accessories from fellow Corrie cast members and sold them at a stall in Darwen Market. 

Madison, six, of Lord’s Crescent, Lower Darwen, needs money to pay for treatment outside the UK for her rare form of cancer, neuroblastoma.

An appeal to pay for last-chance treatment has so far raised £62,000, but more is needed.

Shobna, who has been a friend of Madison since she was first diagnosed with stomach cancer aged 10 months, sold hundreds of her own items.

Shobna said: "Maddi needs these vital funds to continue her life saving treatment. She is a very brave girl who deserves a chance at life back home with her family in Darwen."

Customers were treated to five-minute celebrity style consultations from glamour guru Armand Beasley, who has worked on Gok Wan’s How To Look Good Naked.

And the day ended with a raffle of Coronation Street 50th anniversary memorabilia, including Stan and Hilda's flying ducks and limited edition prints of Deidre behind bars.

The Madison Allan Appeal. 


Construction Ambassador Representative

Karen Turner is now qualified to represent Mitchell's Scaffolding as part of the construction industry.This new part of Karen's role should assist students leaving full time education make an informed decision about their career path. Her Knowledge of the trade and the skill's required will go a long way to gaining a clear understanding, should you want more details or would like to host a presentation at your school, college or  group call Mitchell's on 01254 392100 and we will be happy to discuss things further.


Simian Risk

Simian Risk Management Limited is an occupational health and safety consultancy and training provider for the construction industry, specialising in access and work at height.


Greater Manchester CIOB Annual Dinner

Mitchells Scaffolding attend the The Chartered Institute of Building (CIOB) annual dinner event. The event was held at the lowery theatre, Salford Quays, greater manchster. Guest speaker was Rod Woodward, Winner of the "Encore Comedian of the year". 

Guests on the Regenerate Table included:

Stuart and Sharon of Mitchells Scaffolding Ltd, Gary of Rosslee Construction Ltd, Dennis of ROK Group, John of Craig Hambling Ltd, Terry of Brammall Construction, Catherine, David and Jeff of Elevate East Lancashire/Regenerate Pennine Lancashire, Marcus of BAAS Construction Ltd and Ruckshana of Emanuel Whittaker Ltd.


Mitchells Scaffolding Sponser Manchester Corrie

Maddi's Magnificent Corrie Caper was organised to raise money for five-year-old cancer sufferer Madison Allan and her family to be able to enjoy a dream holiday at Disneyland Paris. Proceeds from Sunday's show went directly to the travel agents so the family can go away in June 2010.

The soap stars appearing on stage included Andy Whyment (Kirk), Sam Aston(Chesney), Malcolm Hebden (Norris), Steve Huison (Eddie Windass), Debbie Rush(Anna Windass), Jenny McAlpine (Fizz), Kym Marsh (Michelle), Peter Armitage (Bill Webster), Graeme Hawley (John Stape), Jack Shepherd (David Platt),  Scott Wright (Sam Kingston) and Chris Gascoyne (PeterBarlow). There was also a spot of stand-up from Jimmy Cricket, acomedy sketch from Sue Devaney, and opera from BBC Radio Lancashire's John Christos. Everything was held together in fine style by Ted Robbins and the evening raised nearly £4000.

The show had been organised by Shobna Gulati, who plays Sunita in the soap, who has known Madison's family for several years and called on her fellow actors and behind-the-scenes staff for this special event. She came to Thwaites Empire Theatre, Blackburn, Lancashire with help from Anthony Valentine, the venue's patron.

More photos of the show can now be seen viewed on Flickr pages. Thanks to Lancashire Telegraph for the above picture of the cast with Madison.


Managing Director Meets Chris Akabusi

Staurt Mitchell, Managing Director of Mitchells Scaffolding meets Chris Akabusi at local Lancashire Business Meeting.


Accrington School

Mitchells Scaffolding arrange for local Accrington School pupil to help gain work experiene in the scaffolding trade for a 2 week placement.


Happy Easter Lancashire

Mitchells Scaffolding Ltd would like to wish everyone a Happy Easter.

Accrington  Fleetwood   Macclesfield Rochdale 
Barnoldswick Gisburn Manchester Rossendale 
Blackburn Great Harwood Morcambe


Blackpool Haslingden Nelson Salford
Bolton,  Heywood Oldham Simmonstone 
Burnley Hyndburn Oswaldtwistle Skipton
Bury  Lancashire Pendle Stockport
Chorley Lancaster Preston Todmerdon
Clitheroe Liverpool Rawtenstall  Warrington
Colne Longridge Ribble Valley Whalley
Darwen Leeds Ribchester Wigan 


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Scaffolding in Burnley

Mitchells scaffolding ltd have been approved by burnley county council to carry out scaffold contracts throughout burnley in lancashire.


Accrington, Lancashire Carnival

Mitchell's Scaffolding transform wagon and staff into Peter Pan the movie, for the Acrington, lancashire Carnival.


SAFEContractor Accreditation

Top Safety Accreditation for Mitchell's Scaffolding Ltd

We have recently received Accreditation from SAFEContractor, a programme which recognises very high standards of health and safety practise amongst UK Contractors.

SAFEContractor is operated by international safety, health and environmental risk management specialists, the National Britannia Group.  The system is applicable to most sectors - but particularly users of contract services.

Darren Hughes, Operations Director for SAFEContractor at National Britannia said, "Major organisations can no longer run the risk if employing contractors who are not able to prove that they have sound health and safety policies".

"More companies need to understand the importance of adopting good risk management in the way that Mitchell's Scaffolding Ltd has done.  The firm's high standard has set an example"

Under the SAFEContractor system, businesses undergo a vetting process, which examines health and safety procedures and their track record for safe practice.

Companies meeting the required high standard are included on the database on the SAFEContractor Web Site.


Mitchells Scaffolding Sponsor Burnley

Mitchell Scaffolding Staff and friend dress up as famous cartoon characters which were ll designed and sewn by Mitchells very own New business executive Karen Turner.

characters included: Shrek, Minnie Mouse, wizard of OZ Dorothy and Scarecrow, Peter Pan, Tinkerbell, Pinocchio ,Snow white, hercules, Pocahontas, ursula the sea witch and many more...


Lancashire Evening Telegraph

Mitchell’s celebrated their success with style. 

Mitchell’s Scaffolding is based on quality and service.

Both Stuart and Sharon understand that team work is the key. The staff have worked hard to achieve this level of recognition and we are proud of their accomplishments. To ensure that this level continues Mitchell’s works with training providers across the Northwest ensuring their staff get the best training.

All Mitchell’s staff are given the opportunity to undergo training, increasing their skills and knowledge that will further represent the company. The training is sourced and funded by Mitchell's whether H. G. V. or Apprenticeships.

From the outset Stuart wanted a company that created loyalty from its workforce and respect from other company’s within the construction industry. This has clearly been achieved and this award is an indication of what can be achieved.

The Trophy and certificate now take pride of place.


Mitchells scaffolding win second prize

The Mayor of Blackburn, Lancashire presented Mitchell’s scaffolding and Darwen Youth Group with 2nd prize for their entry in this year’s darwen Gala.

22 entrants vied for the coveted first place. Mitchell's with their first ever entry themed around Hollywood movie stars past and present worked hard to put this together.

The Youth Group based at Darwen Vale High School, Lancashire meet every Wednesday, to learn the techniques for screen acting with Scott Wright of Coronation Street, Manchester fame heading the Group. 

Mitchell’s had the opportunity to support the group according to Spokes person Karen Turner and became involved thanks to Granddaughter Ashley Turner’s involvement with the group.

Business Executive, Karen Turner, pictured being presented with the award .

Karen said “the day was a great success and being awarded second prize was the icing on the cake” the youth group and Mitchell's worked very hard to put together the float.

Christine Hargreaves, family member and friend, said they were only able to begin dressing the wagon that morning. And due to the distance had to take the vehicle to the start up point before they could begin but the end result had been worth the effort.


Welcome to our website!


Hope you like our new Scaffolding company website, Mitchells offer all types of scaffolding:

  • Scaffold tubes, fittings and boards

  • Staging boards

  • Temporary Roofing Systems

  • Staircase Scaffolds

  • Alloy Access Towers

  • Safety Nettings

  • Debris Netting

  • Gin Wheels

  • Rubbish Chutes

  • Safety Gates

  • Edge protection

  • Brickguards  

  • Scaffold Permits

  • Designs

  • Ladders  


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