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Bespoke Scaffolding Design: Rochdale College

The scaffolding solutions designed and delivered by Mitchell's allow crucial work to be carried out on a variety of buildings, many of which are essential parts of our country's infrastructure. One such building is Rochdale College, which recently required an extensive, bespoke scaffolding design.

As the college was to remain open and fully-functional during the building work, a number of access issues had to be addressed. Safe and continuous access was required by students and faculty staff and so, as well as providing a platform for contractors to work from, we had to ensure that a people-friendly route to the main campus was provided.

A temporary disabled access route was installed and this ramp was linked to the main entrance, after spanning a sunken service road. This element of the plan required the use of heavy-duty steel ladder beam, with the addition of handrails for safety. The structure was fully boarded out before plywood was added via smooth precession joints from the scaffold boards, negating any tripping hazard. Safety was further improved with the addition of a non-slip cover for pedestrians.

The entrance foyer of the college required extensive beam work and so cradle support was erected above the entrance. This allowed work to begin on cutting away the existing handrail.

Linking all of the various aspects together successfully required the most accurate workmanship with zero tolerance for deviation to the bespoke design. The college continued to operate as normal without impediment and the timescale was made appropriate to the needs of both college and contractor.

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12th April 2019, 9:24

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