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Our work spans the domestic, commercial and industrial sectors, both private and public, facilitating a diverse range of construction and repair projects. Often, the projects we work on need to be completed in a tight time frame while still adhering fully to all safety regulations: here we look at two past projects that were completed successfully in a limited amount of time, preventing major disruption.

Burnley Water Treatment Plant

The crucial water treatment plant required repairs to the flue and pipe works as well as a low-level flat roof. Pre-planning sessions, at which every eventuality was considered, allowed our team to design a suitable scaffold structure that would entail minimal disruption and allow the work to be completed in as short a time as possible. This pre-planning is always vital and ensures that everything from parking induction to scaffold erection can happen smoothly and without incident.

As well as scaffolding, we also erected a gated tower to provide easier access. A double-sided walkway was installed across the structure and the adjacent building's perimeter, with secure handrails added to improve safety.


Blackburn Train Station

Essential building work in and around the foyer of Blackburn's busy train station necessitated the design and installation of scaffolding. A huge crash deck, sheeted and plyboarded, was designed to ensure complete isolation from the area below, preventing the fall of debris that could cause injury to other contractors passing beneath. Minimal disruption was ensured by only carrying out scaffolding work between 11pm and 5am, when the station is not open to the public.

This diverse pair of projects highlights the versatility of scaffolding provided by Mitchell's. Discover more of our work on the website and get in touch with us to discuss your bespoke scaffolding requirements.

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