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Scaffolding Safety this Winter and Beyond

Part 1

As more workplace accidents tend to happen during the winter months due to the dangers presented by extreme weather, it's an ideal time to be focusing on safety at work. People working at height remain the most at-risk group when it comes to workplace injuries and fatalities and that's why safety (that of our staff, our clients, their contractors and the general public alike) is our absolute number-one priority here at Mitchell's Scaffolding Ltd.

Though the number of people working at height who have suffered injuries and fatalities is still a cause for concern, things are much better today when compared with the way they were just a few decades ago. Actions that today would be considered absolutely unacceptable (for example balancing across scaffolding bars, not using supporting equipment, not wearing relevant PPE) were routine practices in the past: all that began to change when government agency the Health & Safety Executive (HSE) introduced the first Health & Safety at Work Act in 1974.

The Health & Safety at Work Act 1974 provided a robust system that, when properly adhered to, would optimise health and safety in the workplace by providing recognised codes of practice and guidelines for working conditions. Immediately successful, the act continued to reduce workplace fatalities from injury over the years; by 2005, such fatalities had been reduced by a massive 86%. 2005 saw the implementation of official Working at Height Regulations, which remain the current laws that must be adhered to by all employers and/or managers who require their employees to work at a height.

Together, the guidelines, recommendations and requirements contained within these pieces of legislation have dramatically reduced the number of accidents and fatalities among people working at a height. Here at Mitchell's Scaffolding Ltd, we believe this number can be reduced even further by introducing legislation that would make carrying a CISRS/CSCS card a legal requirement for scaffolders working in the UK.

Though not required by law, a valid CISRS/CSCS card is certainly required by anyone wishing to join the cherry-picked team at Mitchell's Scaffolding Ltd. We employ only those who can demonstrate that they are skilled, competent and dedicated, allowing our clients complete peace-of-mind when choosing our company to provide bespoke scaffolding and access solutions.

Find out more about our work in the 'Portfolio' section of our website and get in touch with our experts directly if you have any further questions. Want to be a part of our innovative team? Check out the 'Careers' page.

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