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Blackburn Central Library

Scaffolding Services: Blackburn Central Library

Though Mitchell's Scaffolding Ltd are involved with construction, renovation and restoration projects all over the UK, we are never happier than when we are working right here in Lancashire, improving our local area. As well as delivering scaffolding solutions in domestic and industrial situations, we have also been involved with many municipal projects, from hospitals and schools to churches, town halls and even an aqueduct!

One of the municipal projects we have been proud to work on was at Blackburn Central Library. The dual-phase project, with a budget of £2m, was designed to remove damaged cladding before restoring the original 1920s facade of the building.

Mitchell's Scaffolding Ltd kicked off the project by providing a sturdy scaffold to permit safe removal of the link bridge connecting the library with King George's Hall. As the bridge was gradually removed, we extended our scaffold to allow building repair work to begin, using separate towers to link each platform level.

Phase two of the project involved erecting a large 7-lift scaffold that ran the entire length of Town Hall Street. The working space was particularly restricted, necessitating a bespoke plan to enable beamed elevations to be run in. Monarflex sheeting was used to enclose the entire elevation, projecting adjacent properties.

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