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Scaffolding Solutions: Fighting the Floods

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After days of baking in the sun, much of the UK was subject to torrential rain accompanied by lots of dramatic thunder and lightning. Many properties were affected by flooding due to the downpour, a problem that affects all sorts of structures around the country. Strong defenses are crucial in minimising or even preventing floods and Mitchell's Scaffolding Ltd have provided bespoke scaffolding solutions to a number of flood defense projects.

One such project took place at Follyclough Brook in Rossendale. The brook runs behind a row of privately-owned houses and, when there has been an excess of rain, poses a potential flood risk from increased run-off. A previously-installed protective wall had become damaged over time and was condemned to demolition, to be rebuilt along a 70m stretch of the waterway.

The demolition and subsequent rebuild of the wall required a bespoke scaffold design to allow contractors clear, safe access to the site. After delays due to bad weather, our scaffolding design was built and work began, with an estimated finish date a month later. A watchful eye was kept on the weather, with operatives from Mitchell's Scaffolding standing by to meet any challenge.

After successful completion of the new flood defence wall, we removed our scaffolding structure, leaving the area clean, clear and tidy. The rebuilt wall ensures that Follyclough Brook does not pose a flooding risk and Mitchell's Scaffolding were proud to have taken part in such an important project.

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