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Yorkshire Bank 1

At Mitchell's Scaffolding, our diverse scope of work sees our operatives travel all over the country but we're never happier than when we're working right here in Lancashire. From libraries to aqueducts and everything in between, our work has seen us improve the quality of our area for residents and visitors alike. One such project was at the Yorkshire Bank in Burnley and here are some details of the successful results we achieved.

Located on the corner of Burnley's Manchester Road, the Yorkshire Bank building is in the heart of the busy town centre. To improve the aesthetic of the structure, window replacement and  decoration was planned at the upper level and this work required the installation of scaffolding to be completed.

With just a single day allotted to the project to allow the bank to offer uninterrupted customer service, time was most certainly of the essence and we had to work quickly to meet targets. Our superb breadth of experience and innate flexibility meant that we could easily accommodate the tight time schedule without compromising safety or efficiency.

The unique positioning of the building meant that a licence and scaffold permit had to be quickly obtained through Lancashire Highways. While these were obtained, our skilled operatives got to work on designing the bespoke scaffolding structure, which included three fully-boarded lifts at the base. These lifts allowed for quick, easy and unobstructed access to the upper level of the structure, where window replacement and decoration was to take place.

Many safeguarding features were included in the design, including nets to catch any escaping debris that could injure passers-by. Ladder access was provided at each level along with ladder traps; the whole structure was tied firmly to the building to ensure stability.

Find out more about our past projects in the 'Portfolio' section of our website and get in touch with our skilled technical team for further information on our scaffolding services.

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