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Scaffolding Structures: From Ancient to Modern

Church Spire Scaffold

As scaffolding is so closely linked to industry, it is easy to make the mistake of thinking that it is a relatively new invention. In fact, the history of scaffolding structure can be traced back more than 17 millennia, though materials and working practices have changed dramatically in this time, the basic concept remains unchanged: this shows just how versatile and successful it really is.

17,000 years ago, palaeolithic tribes painted scenes from their daily lives on the walls of caves in Lascaux, in what is now France. The painters gained access to the high ceilings of the caves using a scaffold structure, which is evidenced by wall sockets. Scaffolding structures were later used in cultures all over the world; made using timber, the structures were held together using a knotted rope.

In more modern times, the work of David Henry Jones and Daniel Palmer-Jones revolutionised scaffolding: the pair invented the 'Scaffixer', a coupling device that was much stronger and more reliable than knotted ropes. The Scaffixer was used successfully for the first time in the reconstruction of Buckingham Palace back in 1913. A few years later, the improved 'Universal Coupler' was launched and, to this day, remains the industry standard.

Advances in metallurgy soon saw timber poles being replaced by tubular steel pipes. With standardised dimensions and diagonal bracings, these pipes allowed for greater interchangeability of parts and also improved the structural stability of scaffolding structures.

Today, Mitchell's Scaffolding Ltd utilise the most modern equipment and working practices to ensure that our scaffolding solutions are as safe and effective as possible. Our operatives, all of whom carry CISRS/CSCS cards, are highly skilled and provide our clients with the most professional suite of services.

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