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Mitchell's Scaffolding Projects: Bespoke Temporary Bridge

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The recent heavy rain has necessitated the strengthening and/or repair of many structures, including bridges over flooded rivers and streams. Mitchell's Scaffolding Ltd are experts at providing bespoke structures designed to facilitate such work, as evidenced by the successful completion of a project at Pownall Bridge in Cheshire.

Pownall Bridge is built from stone which has weathered the years extremely well. When repairs to ensure that the bridge was still sound were proposed, Mitchell's Scaffolding Ltd were approached to design and build a temporary bridge across the stream below. This temporary structure had to strongly support the weight of pedestrians, as well as that of people riding horses.

Good access to the site allowed our operatives to park their vehicles much closer than originally anticipated, saving them a lot of heavy work manually carrying components over a long distance. Gravel tracks were laid down to direct pedestrians to the temporary bridge crossing.

Railway sleepers were used at the foundations, ensuring the strongest possible base from which to work. At each elevation over the stream, twin beams were installed. To allow a smooth transition between the gravel walkway and the level of the bridge, one end of the platform was installed at a slight angle.

As the temporary bridge approached completion, our operatives carefully installed guards and handrails to ensure safety. To further enhance safety levels and prevent any injuries to pedestrians or horses crossing the bridge, all of the fittings were securely covered with protective caps.

Creating such bespoke structures is the Mitchell's Scaffolding Ltd speciality. All of our operatives are trained to the highest level and fully certified, ensuring that safe, successful and professional results are achieved every time. Find out more about our work on the website.

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