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Bespoke Scaffolding for Flood Protection

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The recent storms that have battered the UK with gale-force winds and heavy rainfall have caused numerous floods. Flooding is a serious issue that affects properties all over the country and so providing adequate protection is essential: Mitchell's Scaffolding Ltd have provided scaffolding solutions to a number of flood protection projects, one of which was at Follyclough Brook in nearby Rossendale.

A 70m stretch of Follyclough Brook runs directly behind a row of houses. Heavy rainfall creates a run-off from the brook, which can cause flooding to the privately-owned properties. A wall designed to prevent this from happening had become so damaged over time that it was condemned to demolition, with plans put in place to build a new, stronger protective wall.

After the demolition and rebuild plans were finalised, operatives from Mitchell's Scaffolding Ltd created a bespoke scaffolding design to allow access for contractors to complete the work. The scaffold structure was quickly built but had to be removed just as quickly due to extremely harsh weather conditions, preventing any debris from becoming trapped on the bracing and upright standing in the brook's bed.

Three days later, the weather conditions became less intense and the scaffolding was returned into place. Work on the demolition and subsequent rebuilding of the floor protection wall then began in earnest, with the completion date scheduled for between three and four weeks later. Our operatives remained on standby throughout in case of more inclement weather.

Work was completed without further incident and the scaffolding then removed. The houses close to Follyclough Brook are now protected from flooding and the residents are extremely happy with the results.

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