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CISRS: New Smart Cards Delayed

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For over 40 years, the Construction Industry Scaffolders Record Scheme (CISRS) has been the industry leader in the field of scaffolding training. Around 60,000 registered CISRS cardholders in the UK are waiting to receive a new smart card from the organisation but this has been delayed until mid-February.

The new CISRS smart cards were scheduled to be in production this month, following NOCN's takeover from the CITB. Using Near-Field Communication (NFC), the same technology that enables contactless card payments, the new CISRS smart cards will enable the cardholder's information (details like name, photo, endorsements and training details) to be immediately displayed on any NFC-enabled device.

The delay in production of new CISRS smart cards has been blamed on a 'change of IT systems'.  Extra staff have been employed to deal with the growing backlog of CISRS applications and non-smart cards have been issued in the interim: these cards will be replaced free of charge with a smart card when they become available and the new system is functional. The CISRS has issued a helpline number (0844 815 7223) that employers can call if they wish to check on the current CISRS status of any individual.

Though being in possession of a current CISRS card is not required by law by scaffolders, it IS required by Mitchell's Scaffolding Ltd and all of our operatives are guaranteed to be part of the CISRS. This enables us to ensure that all work carried out by our company is safe, efficient and reliable.

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24th January 2020, 7:59

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