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Bespoke Scaffolding for Specialist Repair Project

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A significant proportion of the projects to which we have supplied scaffolding services have entailed renovation and repair to structures in which people work and live. On other occasions, our work facilitates the repair and renovation of buildings and structures which, though they are uninhabited, are crucial parts of our country's infrastructure. One of these types of projects was carried out at Aqueduct 35 in nearby Colne.

Manual handling requirements had to be kept to a manageable minimum and so the Mitchell's Scaffolding Ltd team arranged for the hire of a quad and trailer: these were utilised to transport our scaffold equipment safely and efficiently to the site. To ensure that all of our operatives were fully- and properly-equipped to carry out some of the specialist tasks involved with the project, all team members were kitted out with the appropriate safety clothing and equipment.

In total, three individual drop scaffolds were designed and installed by our team, each structure located at a critical point along the length of Aqueduct 35. Via these carefully-built drop scaffolds, contractors working on the aqueduct could easily, quickly and above all safely gain access to the structure and carry out the vital repairs.

Overseen in its entirety by representatives of the National Grid, the scaffolding installation and subsequent repair of Aqueduct 35 presented many challenges to our team. One of these was the need to prevent any pressure being placed on the structure's walls; to achieve this complex feat, expert operatives from Mitchell's Scaffolding Ltd designed a system incorporating kentledges (a system of weights used to load-test piled foundations), allowing the scaffold to be constructed directly on the adjacent tow path.

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