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Upstairs & Downstairs: The Record-Breakers!


With social-distancing and self-isolation guidelines still very much in effect due to the coronavirus pandemic, operatives from Mitchell's Scaffolding Ltd are currently only undertaking emergency work. If, like us, you've got extra time on your hands and need a bit of cheering up, then this edition of our blog should help.

One of the key services at Mitchell's Scaffolding Ltd is the provision of temporary stairs, which facilitate safe, easy access to all kinds of contractors working on all kinds of construction and renovation projects. While the work of such contractors is serious business, there are plenty of wild, wacky and wonderful folk who use them for very different purposes. Check out these record-breakers but please don't try recreating them at home (or at work!).

Most Stairs Climbed While Juggling

In June of 2019, Christian Roberto López Rodríguez from Spain climbed a total of 2,082 stairs while simultaneously keeping three juggling balls in the air.

Most Stairs Climbed While Balancing a Person on the Head

With friend Joel Yaicate Saavedra balanced atop his head, Pablo Nonato Panduro managed to climb 97 consecutive stairs in October of 2018.

Most Stairs Climbed on the Head

China's Li Longlong broke his own record of 34 stairs climbed while standing on his head, managing another two stairs to bring his record-breaking total to 36.

Most Stairs Descended in a Wheelchair

Haki Achille Doku from Italy achieved this impressive feat, descending a remarkable total of 2,917 consecutive stairs in just one hour.

Most Stairs Descended by a Slinky

Marty Jopson and Hugh Hunt, both from the UK, jointly hold this title, which stands unchallenged at 30 stairs since the record was set by the pair in February of 2014. If you think that 30 doesn't seem that high a total then this is one record that you definitely CAN try at home - all you need is a Slinky and a staircase! We'd love to see pictures of your attempts...

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