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The team here at Mitchell's Scaffolding are cherry-picked for their unmatched levels of knowledge, experience and dedication. Though they may not be household names, we rightly consider each and every one of them to be a superstar! In this edition of our blog, we're going to reveal five people with amazing scaffolding skills who hit it big.

  • Michelangelo. We travel back well over 500 years for our first entry; the famous artist who is perhaps best known for painting the ceiling of Italy's Sistine Chapel. The iconic ceiling covers a massive 573 square metres and rises up to almost 13.5 metres above the chapel's floor. How did Michelangelo get up to this height to carry out his exquisite painting? You guessed it: he designed and built his very own scaffolding structure.
  • Paul Hogan. Best known to the world as the actor who portrayed 'Crocodile Dundee' in the film with the same name, Australian-born Paul Hogan started his working life in the scaffolding trade. Before he got his big break, Hogan was a skilled and well-respected scaffolder, working on high-profile projects including one at Sydney's famous Harbour Bridge.
  • Carl Cox. At just 16 years old, Carl Cox began training as a scaffolder in London, though always had a passion for music. This passion was turned into a globally-successful career and Cox is now one of the most well-known DJs on the planet.
  • Matt Skelton. Also known as 'The Bedford Banger', Matt Skelton gave up a promising career in scaffolding to focus all of his attention on martial arts and kickboxing. Winning fight after fight, Skelton quickly rose up the ranks and was a professional fighter for more than 10 years before retiring. 
  • Adrian Chiles. Now a versatile and well-recognised TV presenter, Adrian Chiles was born into the construction trade, as his father owned a successful scaffolding business. He was fully trained in the art of scaffolding but decided that he was more into sports and decided to become a radio sports reporter.

Our team is just as dedicated to their work and we invite you to browse our website to discover some of the many projects they have successfully completed. Want to receive more special features like this, along with lots of other news and updates from Mitchell's? Simply subscribe to receive our regular newsletter.

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