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Bespoke Scaffolding: The Power of the Sun!

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Many of the scaffolding structures we design and build are intended to give contractors safe, unrestricted access to a property's roof. Usually this is so the roof can be repaired but one project we worked on involved creating a unique scaffolding structure that would facilitate the installation of solar panels.

As awareness of the need to protect the environment continues to grow, domestic solar panels are becoming a more common sight. Using sustainable, renewable solar energy results in a reduced need for the use of fossil fuels, helping to lower carbon footprints.

The installation of the solar panels was carried out by EEC Home Improvements, a family-run company that has been established for over 30 years. As the company has such an impressive reputation in the industry, they choose only the best partner companies to work with and Mitchell's Scaffolding was proud to be a part of the project.

As with every project we work on, the first step for our team was to carry out a detailed site survey. This crucial step ensures that we can take all factors and variables into account before designing the scaffold structure to safely and effectively meet all requirements. One of the key aspects of this particular project was to provide unrestricted access to the property, as the owner would remain living there throughout the installation of the solar panels.  Our design therefore incorporated an access gate and extra safety features.

Another important consideration was protecting the solar panels as they were lifted up to the roof level; though of a heavy weight and large size, the panels contain delicate components that could easily be broken. We solved this challenge by incorporating a gin wheel in our design.

The dismantling date for the scaffold was scheduled at the same time as the installation was booked and allowed just seven days for work to be completed. Once installation of the panels was complete, our team quickly and efficiently dismantled and removed the scaffold structure, ensuring that the area was left clean, tidy and safe.

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