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Yorkshire Bank Burnley (6)

With many construction and renovation projects, it is important that the work is carried out to extremely tight time constraints to avoid unnecessary disruption. The Mitchell's Scaffolding North West team are used to meeting deadlines and can work quickly and efficiently with absolutely zero compromise on quality and safety. In this edition of our blog, we look at one project we completed in just a single day.

The Burnley branch of the Yorkshire Bank is located on the corner of the busy Manchester Road, right in the heart of the town centre. As the appearance of the building had suffered over the years, renovation work involving replacement of upper level windows and aesthetic decoration was planned. Directors from the branch approached Mitchell's Scaffolding Burnley to plan and implement a scaffolding structure that would facilitate the work.

To avoid any interruption to customers of the Yorkshire Bank branch, the scaffolding structure had to be built and subsequently dismantled in just 24 hours. Thanks to the experience, flexibility and dedication of our cherry-picked team here at Mitchell's Scaffolding Accrington, this tight time frame proved to be no obstacle.

While the relevant licence and scaffold permits were obtained from Lancashire Highways, our expert team got to work designing the bespoke scaffold structure. To provide contractors with safe, simple and unobstructed access, the planned structure included three fully-boarded lifts at the base. We also incorporated ladder access at each level along with ladder traps.

Our team also included a number of safeguarding features such as debris nets to protect pedestrians walking beneath the scaffolding. To ensure the structure was stable, it was firmly tied to the building.

You can find out about projects we have completed in the 'Portfolio' section of our website. If you need any further information about our comprehensive suite of professional scaffolding and access services, please do not hesitate to get in touch with our skilled technical team.

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