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Aqueduct 35: A Unique Scaffolding Solution

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Working across the residential, commercial, municipal, and industrial sectors, Mitchell's Scaffolding delivers our scaffolding, access, and containment solutions to a wide and diverse range of projects. Though many of these projects centre on inhabited buildings like houses and workplaces, we also provide services for many uninhabited structures such as Aqueduct 35, which is located in Colne.

To complete this project efficiently, it was important to ensure that the requirements for manual handling were minimised and so we arranged to hire a quad with a trailer. Using this vehicle, we were able to transport the equipment required to build the scaffolding structure to a convenient location near the site. As some of the tasks involved with the project were of a specialist nature, we sourced a range of special safety gear and equipment for our team to make sure that they could work safely.

Our expert team designed three separate drop scaffolds to facilitate the repairs to Aqueduct 35, installing them at designated points along its length. The scaffolds permitted the contractors who were carrying out the crucial repairs to gain safe, unrestricted access to the aqueduct.

The unique repair project, overseen by officials from the National Grid, involved finding solutions to a number of challenges, one of which was preventing the walls of the aqueduct from being subject to any pressure. To overcome this challenge, our team worked out a complex system using kentledges: this system uses weight to load-test piled foundations. Once the intricate details of the system were accurately ascertained, the team was able to construct the required scaffolding structures directly on the towpath adjacent to Aqueduct 35.

The vital repair work on Aqueduct 35 was able to progress rapidly with the help of our bespoke-designed scaffolds and was completed within the allotted time frame. After the repair work was complete, our team moved in to dismantle and remove the temporary scaffold structures, leaving the area clean and tidy.

This is just one example of a time when the expert team at Mitchell's Scaffolding was able to use their impressive knowledge, skills, and experience to design, install and finally remove a unique scaffold structure to meet the requirements of an equally unique project. Find out more about our work on Mitchell's Scaffolding website, where you can also request a free, no-obligation quote.

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