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Bespoke Scaffolding: Rain, Rain, Go Away!

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Spring 2021 has seen higher than average rainfall across the country; in some places it has been severe enough to cause localised flooding. One location that has definitely NOT suffered any flooding is at a row of private houses in Rossendale, thanks in part to a bespoke scaffolding solution designed and installed by the Mitchell's Scaffolding team.

Follyclough Brook is a waterway in Rossendale. A 70m stretch of the brook runs behind a row of private residential properties; in the past, periods of heavy rainfall created run-off from the brook and caused flooding to the homes. The protective wall that was in place to prevent such occurrences was so badly damaged that it was scheduled for demolition, to be replaced by a new and stronger wall.

Mitchell's Scaffolding was approached by the project managers to design a bespoke scaffolding structure that would provide access to the contractors responsible for demolishing the old wall and building the new one. No sooner had the scaffold been put in place than it had to be removed once again as the weather took a dramatic turn for the worse; this step was taken to ensure that no debris could become trapped on the upright standing and bracing in the bed of the swollen brook.

As soon as the weather improved, our team moved in to reinstall the scaffolding structure. With a tight time frame of up to four weeks allowed for demolition and subsequent rebuilding, contractors immediately got to work. The Mitchell's Scaffolding team remained on standby during the work, ready to dismantle the scaffolding quickly in the event of more bad weather.

Thankfully, the weather remained good enough to allow work to progress without any further incident. Once the old wall was demolished and the new one built, our team quickly dismantled the scaffolding structure and cleared up the area, leaving it clean, tidy and safe.

The new wall was put to the test over the past couple of months and passed with flying colours, keeping the row of houses entirely free from flooding. Mitchell's Scaffolding was proud to have played such a vital role in keeping the homes and their residents safe.

Find out more about our bespoke scaffolding work on the Mitchell's Scaffolding website.

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