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Bespoke Scaffolding: The Safety of Sprinklers

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A crucial aspect of workplace safety is reducing the threat posed by fire. There are many ways to achieve this but perhaps one of the most reliable is a sprinkler system, which automatically activates when fire is detected, dousing the flames from above before they can take hold. As part of a major refurbishment program, a food production facility based in Scunthorpe decided to install such a system: they chose Mitchell's Scaffolding  to provide suspended scaffolding to provide the necessary access.

Two Sisters Food Group own and maintain substantial premises, including a central warehouse along with administration and maintenance facilities. A wide range of refurbishments were scheduled, the most significant of which was the installation of the new sprinkler system.

The project's extensive scale presented a number of challenges to our team. One of these was to design and implement a scaffolding structure in the vicinity of a forklift doorway that was in constant use, without impeding full operational access. Our team were easily able to meet this and all other requirements thanks to their exceptional knowledge and experience.&

An opening was made to allow our team access to the building's roof space so that the scaffold tubing and other components could be manually lifted into place. Once in the roof space, this equipment was carried to the required areas, a distance equivalent to the length of three football pitches.

As work progressed, additional walkways were put into place. After the new sprinkler system had been installed and tested, our team dismantled the scaffolding structure quickly and efficiently.&

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