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Bespoke Scaffolding Solutions: Pownall Bridge

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The diverse array of projects we provide scaffolding for present to us an equally  diverse array of challenges for our expert team to overcome. One such challenge was at Pownall Bridge in Cheshire, where we had to create a temporary bridge across a stream to allow for repairs to be undertaken on the original permanent stone-built bridge.

As well as supporting the weight of pedestrians, the temporary bridge would be used by passengers on horseback and so our design had to take this into account. Fortunately, there was good access to the site, allowing our vehicles to park much closer than was originally anticipated. Travellers were diverted to the temporary crossing using gravel tracks.

To ensure a strong base, railway sleepers were installed at the foundations of the new bridge, while twin beams were used at each elevation over the water of the stream. One end of the platform was installed at a slight angle, allowing for a smooth transition between bridge level and gravel walkway.

As the bridge neared completion, guards and handrails were put firmly into place. All of the fittings that were used on the walkway were then covered with protective caps, preventing any injuries to people or animals crossing the temporary bridge.

Mitchell's Scaffolding Ltd specialise in creating such bespoke scaffolding structures. Our expert designers and scaffolders are fully-trained and certified, ensuring they deliver consistently safe and successful results.

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