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Horse and Foot Bridge Cheshire

Location: Horse and Foot Bridge Cheshire

Project Design and install a Temporary bridge suitable for pedestrians and horses in the Cheshire countryside allowing for repairs to be undertaken on the original permanent stone built Bridge

This project brought into play a number of factors

A Scaffold design required

Pedestrians or passengers on horseback have a stable and secure platform

Span a brook/stream

Construct the safe and substantial platform over running water

The project got under-way on Monday 18th of March 2013, with good access to the site and h temporary gravel tracks prepared to divert travellers to the new crossing. The vehicles could park far closer than was first anticipated.

To ensure the base has suitable foundations railway sleepers had to be put in place as the works got under-way twin beams were utilized to each elevation over the flowing water. With a slight angle being installed at one end of the platform, this is to allow a smooth transition from gravel walkway to bridge level

As scaffold began to take the shape of a bridge the guard/handrails were put in place and all the fittings covered used on the actual walkway installed with protective caps to prevent scratches to both people and animals.

On completion the structure a fully useable pedestrian bridge was handed over to the main contractor for pedestrian use.


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