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Large Scale Scaffolding Solutions: Wesham Hospital

Fully Designed scaffold

Many of the scaffolds we design and install are truly temporary, sometimes remaining in place for only one or two days while works are carried out. On occasion, a scaffolding solution may have to be in place for a good deal longer: this was the case at Wesham Hospital near Blackpool, where the scaffold we supplied remained in place for a full 12 months.

The facade of Wesham Hospital building had had movement issues over a course of several years. This movement began to pose a safety issue and so the external elements of the building had to be shored up, necessitating a large-scale remedial project which in turn required an equally large-scale scaffolding design.

Installing the scaffolding correctly threw up a number of challenges, one of which involved deviating from the original design to allow the scaffold to have acceptable clearance on the higher portion of the plinth that runs around the building. The buttress standard is subject to compressive loadings; standards requiring lapped joints are the standard forming the independent. After liaising closely with the contractors, we added further check fittings which were photographed for the contractor's approval.

After the scaffold was built, all excess equipment was quickly and safely removed by Mitchell's. Fencing was then re-erected to prevent any unauthorised access. As the structure was required to stay in place for such an extended period, Mitchell's provided weekly inspections to check that everything remained completely safe throughout.

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