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Wesham Hospital Fully Designed scaffold

Location: Wesham Kirkham Near Blackpool

Fully Designed scaffoldWesham Hospital Fully Designed scaffold

This scaffold has been installed to the facade of the building. The facade of the building has had a slight movement issues of the past few years. In order to allow for its continued safe use additional precautions have been taken to shore up the external elements to prevent further movement.. Given propping the nature of the project the scaffold required a substantial design and the use of Kentlage to ensure there is no room for movement .

During the construction of the scaffold one feature element of the building required a slight deviation from the original design  to allow for the scaffold to have an acceptable clearance on the higher portion plinth running around the higher portion of the building .

At this point in the construction phase Mitchell's went back to the designers to establish how  the scaffold splice would need to be to work as intended, as the buttress standard is only subject to compressive loadings the only standards requiring lapped joints are the standards forming the independent. Additional Check fittings were added where required and the designers sent the photo evidence of the completed extras the project was signed off as compliant by the designers.

On completion all the excess equipment was gathered into 1 area for removal from site  and arrangements made for collection . With the extra equipment  removed the fencing was pulled back into place and secured to prevent unauthorised access. Scaffold inspections have are now taking place on a weekly basis as the structure is anticipated to remain in place in excess of 12 months.   


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