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Housing Repairs: Our Bespoke Scaffolding Solutions

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As the UK population grows, the need for affordable, quality housing stock increases. To meet this need in Lancashire, the Local Authority Renewal Program was established: Mitchell's Scaffolding Ltd were proud to design and install bespoke scaffold solutions which facilitated essential renovation work to properties included in the program, located in Great Harwood and Huncoat.

Operations centred on the repair and replacement of chimneys to many properties, as well as a significant amount of render and removal work. As a highly-renowned local scaffolding supplier with plenty of practical experience, Mitchell's Scaffolding Ltd was awarded a rolling contract to supply scaffolds to the large-scale, ongoing project. Around ten properties at a time had scaffold erected round them and, as the repairs to each property were completed, the scaffolds were removed to be re-erected at the next property on the list.

The properties are extremely varied in style and range from bungalows up to structures four storeys in height; our scaffolds facilitated total access to the roofline of each property. Many of the rendered structures has gables and these required working lifts to be installed. Scaffolds on the non-rendered properties were installed with a double handrail edge to ensure that workers could not fall. Debris protection was ensured with gantry installation and double toe boards.

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