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Bespoke Scaffolding Solutions: Wesham Hospital & St Mary's College

At Mitchell's Scaffolding Ltd, we offer a comprehensive suite of scaffolding services. The diversity of our services means that our work entails an equally diverse array of projects:  here we look at two very different but equally essential projects that we have completed.

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Wesham Hospital, Kirkham 

The facade of the Wesham Hospital Building was suffering from movement issues, which had gradually become worse over a period of several years. To remedy the situation, contractors proposed a remedial shoring-up project that would prevent any further movement and reinstate the building's structural integrity. Scaffolding was therefore required to allow contractors safe access to carry out the work.

Mitchell's Scaffolding Ltd was tasked with designing and erecting a substantial scaffolding solution, which was required to be in place for a period of over 12 months. This was duly completed and made safe from unauthorised access with robust fencing; weekly inspections ensured that everything was kept in order while the shoring-up work was completed.


St Mary's College, Blackburn

Located in a residential area, St Mary's College required extensive repointing work to its facade and chimney stack. To meet contractor requirements, our expert scaffolding team constructed scaffold structures in three phases: hoardings and debris netting were also erected to ensure the contractors could work in complete safety without posing any risks to themselves or passersby. Continual removal and reattachment of fixings was not an issue thanks to the gated entry point that was incorporated into our bespoke scaffold design.

College, necessitating scaffolding which was constructed in three phases. The college is located in a residential area and so hoarding to the full base on both elevations was quickly put in place, along with effective debris netting. A gated entry point offers secure access, negating the need for constant removal and reattachment of the fixings.


Wherever the building and whatever the project, Mitchell's Scaffolding Ltd have got the right solution. Browse our portfolio to see more examples of the diverse work we do and get in touch with our team for information and advice.

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