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COVID-19 Lockdown: Work Continues at Mitchell's

Fully Designed scaffold

Though many businesses have been forced to close during the UK's second national lockdown, Mitchell's Scaffolding team are continuing to work on essential construction projects. Naturally, our team are adhering rigidly to all government guidelines in the process.

Supporting the NHS is of paramount importance during these troubled times. Even before the pandemic began, our team has worked at a wide range of healthcare establishments, including a hospital near Blackpool in Lancashire.

The facade of the main building of Wesham Hospital had experienced issues with movement over a course of numerous years; these issues eventually became so bad that the facade began to pose a health and safety risk. To solve the dangerous issue, a remediation project was planned, including the shoring-up of the structure's external elements.

To allow safe, reliable and constant contractor access, Mitchell's Scaffolding team received a request to design and install a bespoke scaffolding structure. Work was scheduled to take up to a whole year and so our team also had to carry out regular inspections and maintenance work.

Designing, installing and maintaining the bespoke scaffolding solution presented many challenges; our expert team used their remarkable skills, knowledge and experience to ensure that these challenges were easily overcome. As requirements changed, our operatives were able to quickly alter the original scaffold design in response, giving acceptable clearance at the plinth of the damaged building.

A buttress that was subject to compressive loading needed lapped joints and so these were included. Further check fittings were installed after liaising with the head contractor and we photographed these to ensure approval was given. Secure fencing was erected right around the scaffolding to prevent unauthorised access and inspections were carried out weekly to ensure that this, along with the scaffold itself, remained secure.

Find out more about our bespoke scaffolding solutions on Mitchell's Scaffolding website. Stay safe!

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