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When we turn on a tap in our homes, we take it pretty much for granted that the water will be clean and safe to use. The fact is that there are many factors involved in the provision of clean safe water. One of these is proper water treatment, which takes place in specially-designed plants. When one such plant required extensive repairs, Mitchell's Scaffolding North West were called in to design and implement a bespoke scaffolding structure.

The water treatment plant is located in Slaidburn, which is near to Clitheroe. Water that flows in and out of the plant is controlled by a valve which required replacement after becoming dysfunctional due to age. The expert team at Mitchell's Scaffolding Burnley were contracted to design a scaffolding structure that could bear the weight of the heavy valve as it was hoisted out to allow a new one to be lowered in.

Other factors that had to be taken into account were the actual positioning of the valve as well as the location of steel plates embedded into the floor. The scaffolding was installed in an area of frequent usage by employees and so we incorporated extra safety features into the design such as sturdy barriers, nipple caps and end caps.

After the scaffolding was built and the hoist tested, the water in the plant's main pipe was frozen, allowing for removal of the broken valve. The new valve was then lowered into place and the water defrosted, restoring the system's complete functionality. Our team then quickly dismantled and removed the scaffolding structure.

To ensure that any disruption to the water supply was minimised, strict deadlines were put into place. Our team, with their exceptional experience, were easily able to meet these short time frames and the entire project, from first contact to completion, took only seven days.

You can read more details about this project, along with many others successfully completed by Mitchell's Scaffolding Accrington, in the 'Portfolio' section of our website.

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