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Water treatment plant Slaidburn

Location: Clitheroe

The Water Treatment Plant at Slaidburn Near Clitheroe was brought about when an old valve that adjusts the flow of water was in  need of replacement.

The work employed the use of load bearing scaffolding, positioned around the valve and built into that the hoist enabling the lifting out and in of the old and new valves. The positioning of the scaffold had to take into account of steel plates in the floor giving access to the mains pipe where the flow of water was to be temporary stemmed. 

The scaffold was set in an area widely used by the treatment plant staff, therefore end caps and nipple caps were utilized for added protection along with barriers.

Once the structure was in place and the hoist tested, the water in the main pipe attached to the valve had to be frozen, allowing for the removal and replacement to begin. Following the successful installation of the new valve, mains feed defrosted and all testing complete, the work was signed off. Mitchell's received instruction to strike the scaffold and the scaffold was removed..

The whole project was on a very strict programme with time frames in place to ensure the minimum of disruption to the water supply and the various specialist services that were involved. Mitchell's working with this in mind had pre set dates for the installation and removal of the scaffold and emergency cover arranged should the need arise ensuring the main contractors needs were met without delay. 

In all the work took seven days following the initial contact to project completion.   


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