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Mitchells Mayfield Depot

Phase 3 of the UK government's roadmap out of COVID lockdown will begin on May 17th if all goes to plan. Restrictions will be further eased, allowing many outdoor venues to reopen; among these should be Depot Mayfield, where the Mitchell's Scaffolding team completed a rather unusual project...

Depot Mayfield, located in the centre of Manchester, was built in 1910 as a warehouse at the former Mayfield train station. When the station closed to passengers in 1960, the structure was used as a distribution centre for the Royal Mail until 1978. When the centre was moved to a new location, Depot Mayfield was abandoned, remaining empty and unused for almost three decades.

As part of a regeneration scheme with a budget of £1bn, Depot Mayfield was given a new lease of life. The historic venue was completely renovated, being transformed into a brand new, multi-use events space that soon became a leading attraction in the area.

At full capacity, Depot Mayfield can welcome up to 10,000 people. The venue offers a hugely diverse programme of events including concerts, club nights, art exhibitions, markets and both corporate and community events. Sadly, the COVID-19 lockdown has meant that the venue has been closed recently, with all events postponed until further notice.

When a new outdoor seating area was proposed for Depot Mayfield, the venue managers approached Mitchell's Scaffolding to design a bespoke solution. Our expert team got to work and their design was quickly agreed upon.

Our team used scaffolding poles to build a structure with multiple tiers, using quality timber planks to overlay this framework and create the new seating. Once the planks were in place and secured, they were painted in every colour of the rainbow with, as you'll see from these images, absolutely beautiful results. The managers of the venue were extremely impressed with the finished structure and have invited our team back to build similar structures in the future.

We look forward to the COVID lockdown restrictions being eased so that our innovative new seating area can be used and enjoyed.

Check out the 'Portfolio' section of our website to see more images from the Depot Mayfield project.

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