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Though we really should be used to rain in the UK, the fact is that it can cause serious disruption. As mentioned in the previous edition of our blog, rainfall this year has been higher than average and there have been many incidents of flooding around the country. Mitchell's Scaffolding have been contracted on a number of occasions to provide access solutions for a range of projects aimed at protecting structures and people from the devastating damage caused by floods.

One such project took place in Cheshire at Pownall Bridge. The river beneath has been prone to flooding in the past, which caused damage to the stone bridge that crosses it. When the local council proposed a thorough examination of the bridge to identify repair work that needed to be carried out, Mitchell's Scaffolding were contracted to design and implement a temporary bridge for the use of pedestrians, cyclists and horse riders.

Fortunately for our team, there was extremely good access to the site: this allowed our operatives to park up much closer to the site than first thought and saved them a lot of difficult work carrying scaffolding components over extended distances.

The first job was to lay railway sleepers as foundations, ensuring that a super-strong and robust base could be achieved. Twin beams were then installed at each elevation over the river below before gravel tracks were laid down to direct people to the new temporary bridge. One end of the platform was installed at a corresponding angle, providing a smooth and level transition between the bridge and the gravel walkway.

Once installed, the bridge was made safe for pedestrians with the installation of sturdy handrails and guards. Each fitting was then covered with protective caps, ensuring the prevention of any injuries to people and horses using the temporary bridge. After the vital repairs had been completed on Pownall Bridge, our operatives dismantled and removed the structure, leaving the area perfectly clean and tidy.

This is just one of the hundreds of projects carried out by the expert team at Mitchell's Scaffolding. Check out the 'Portfolio' section of our website to discover details of other successfully completed projects.

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