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Latest 21 Tonne Wagon now in Service

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Mitchell's have taken delivery of our latest acquisition 


Mitchell's Started out with a pickup truck like most new scaffolding starters, within the first six months the company needed to find something more appropriate and there saw the start of a fleet of 7.5 Tonne flat back wagons.

We have grown the fleet to 9 vehicles including our latest 21 Tonne wagon.

When planning for the company growth, Director Stuart put himself through his HGV driving test along with 2 of our scaffolder drivers We have also made provision for a 4th member of our  team to take his test in June  2015.

The use of a bigger vehicle will bring 2 fold benefits:

The benefit to Mitchells will come in the form of greater efficiency,  the larger load reduces the need to return for additional equipment ,  a reduced cost from fuel and more productive time on site.

From a client prospective; we are now able to lower the overall carbon emissions by reducing the number of site visits, increase productivity by having a full and continual supply of equipment to hand and a continuous presence without the need to break off to reload. 


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