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Mitchell's Re-Location

The company planned expansion is well and truly underway.

After looking in various locations in the Blackburn Darwen Burnley and Accrington areas, a large number of potential sites were visited and later discarded for on the ground of failing to meet a number of the criteria required.

Yard speck:

Size: Minimum 10,000 square foot.

Services: 24-hour security cameras or patrol guarded.

Security;  Preferred fencing in place or the permission to self-install at the appropriate height.

Accessibility: Good links to the Motorway network

Cost: This as always to be negotiated.

Services: Water, Phone and Electricity.

Ground: Level and even terrain.

Duration: Purchase or long term lease with ability to extend. 

The choice came down to 3 but Moorfield Industrial Estate in Altham proved a firm favourite with Managing Director Stuart Mitchells and the 3 office staff who will be spending the full working day in the offices.

The decision was based on size and location. With great motorway access a 5-minute drive from our current location.

Though the land was totally devoid of all but 2 of the criteria size and accessibility were by far the best.

The new yard negotiations have been finalised and the preparation work to get the land cleared and ready for use has begun

Stuart went to install the temporary Harris Fencing and has been busy planning the new layout.

The rough land has now been scraped back freeing up the space, debris collected and disposed of appropriately, shrubs dug out and the ground evened out.

Hard-core was laid over the next 3 days and now we can fully visualise the true sight area to give us a substantial yard area. The order was placed with Fencemart in Manchester for delivery of the New Palisade, RSJ post, pales and gates these have all come through and Stuart has begun the installation.

With the help of an electric scanner the power cables have been located to allow the fence trenches to be dug out before cementing in could begin.

The whole program has been timed for completion mid/end July.   


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