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Timber Frame New Build Chorley

Location: Chorley Lancashire

A new Timber Fame social housing project in Chorley is well underway. A Total of 3 plots comprising two semi detached houses per plot.

Unlike traditional builds that see the scaffold erected in phases to accommodate the bricklayers.  For Projects of this nature timber frame builds following the site  the setting out process the scaffold is erected in 1 go. 

Given the proximity to Network rail tracks the pre start meetings addressed the issue of additional requirements to ensure the works do not impede the train service with the standard brick guards and additional fencing preventing any possibility of crossing boundary’s. 

Mitchell’s work began working on the first plot with 4 sides up to roof height. Stair case scaffold provided for improved access at each level of the scaffold. Following the completion of plot one the second and third scaffolds have been installed. These scaffolds also include small link bridges installed to allow ease of movement for contractors between the plots. Significantly reducing risk and providing greater efficiency on site . 

Next we will see the installation of loading bays and once the lower portions of the build are in place the internal scaffolds will go up for the completion of party wall’s.

Alterations are planned for the roofing work with slate due on site within a four week time frame. As the roof is complete the internal scaffolds will be removed and  the windows will be installed. Once the buildings are water tight the scaffold will be removed


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