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Location: Fall arrest practice

Mitchell's undertake  in- house training  and toolbox talks regularly on all aspects of  work Manual and office all members of staff participate

 A 3rd set of Fall arrest training took place in the Mitchell's yard, attended by all the Mitchell's Operatives.Having the rescue kit to hand is all well and good but a through a lack of knowledge an operative could lose a limb or worse die

The practice sessions of this nature give rise to some very entertaining comments, but it allow the operatives understand fully the whys and wherfores . All operatives gain a full understanding of the equipment,  some of the senarios put forward they also get a real hands on and practical way to learn. 

The practice sessions are accompanied by hand outs specifically detailing

  •  And a full step by step  guide on how to undertake a rescue 
  • A series of questions in what to do and what not to do should a fall occur
  • Why procedures must be followed
  • Who does what and why
  • Consequences of a fall
  • Timing

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